Manny Pacquiao to fight on October 15

The world champion Filipino boxer and senator Manny Pacquiao is said to step in the ring once again on October 15th. However, this is unconfirmed news that came after Bob Arum – Manny’s Top promoter who has made reservation for a pay-per-view fight at his favourite venue Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 15th.

Pacquiao announced his retirement after a rubber match in April 2016 against former WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, which ended up in Pacquiao’s favour after scoring 2 amazing knockdowns in the fight. After the fight he stated he wants to retire from sports of boxing and desire to conduct public servant events in his home country Philippines. In the flow, this maven boxer also won senatorial seat in 2016 Philippine elections took place on 9th of May.

The 84-year-old Arum explains and admit that this is only a contingency plan he made and Pacquiao is yet to decide if want to enter the ring once again.


In an interview with LA Times  Arum stated, “We have the date. Just to protect ourselves,”

Pacquiao, 37,  on the other hand is piled up with is political assignment and also has a schedule to kick start his Senate session on Friday in Manila. Arum is planning to visit him after 4th of July to discuss if he can fulfil his duties and still return. “I’m not sure Manny is going to return, but I believe he wants to return”, added Arum

Many are projecting this to be a rematch against Floyd Mayweather who defeated Pacman during May 2015 blockbuster. However, according to Arum, Terence Crawford and Adrien Broner are top candidates they are considering to clash against Manny.

Crawford, a WBO super lightweight champion is ready to fight against Viktor Postol on 23rd of July. Also, Broner is an offensive fighter who recently defeated Ashley Theaphane via 9th-round stoppage in April. Whoever, fights with Manny – it would be a solid pay-per-view match and a treat to the fans!

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