Groupon Black Friday 2016 ad and flyer: Deals on Electronics, Healthcare And Beauty Accessories

Groupon has managed to have some exclusive deals and some popular ones beginning of November 24 to 26 or till 29 depending on the items. It seems that the segregation is very clean and easy to follow with Outdoor, Electronics, Beauty, Accessories, etc having separate spaces and not mixed up like a mess everywhere.

There are apparel deals as well with some amazing items for both men and women only at Groupon. The deals can be availed online as well from Another thing to notice is a nudge towards jewelry in a complete section in the ads. Also, iPad 2, 3, 4 Air and Air 2 are all up for some sweet discounts this season, at lowest prices and company refurbished items, so do notice when you purchase at a flat 46 % off. There are fragrances from Gucci, bObSweep Robotic Vacuum Mop and similarly many outstanding products like no other retailer so far, exclusively at Groupon.

The apparel stocks are at large for women with Bodycon Mini Dresses from Lyss Loo at flat 75% off, holiday print pajama pants for women at 50% off, Steve Madden Chevron Puffer Coats are available for 58% off the regular prices, whereas you can get your hands on Plaid and Striped Blankets from Azuri at 88% off flat on the usual price tag. Again, Ray-Ban Unisex sunglasses in multiple shades are up for grabs at 50% off.

Fleece leggings for women in packs of 4 are at 50% off too. In the men’s section, there are Marc New York Jackets at 79% off, whereas London Fog Winter Boots at 67% off. Of course, something exclusive yet again with Kenneth Cole Assorted Shoes for dresses is available at 50% off flat. Also, there are boxer briefs from Puma at 32% off for a pack of 3. Thus, Groupon has covered you up with awesomeness this Black Friday.

Fresh BS Political Science from the Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Norvelyn has shown her profound knowledge of Philippine Sports.