Super Bowl score is 28-28 with 57 seconds left

The Patriots rallied back from 28-3 to tie the score at 28-28 with 57 seconds left. Brady has now over 400 yards in passing.



How to watch the Super  Bowl 2017 live stream online?

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are on their way to win their fifth Super Bowl ring as tandem. With all their magical years together as player and coach, this Super Bowl could be the sweetest if the Patriots prevail. With all their experiences in the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl 51 is different because they are playing against the No. 1 offense in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons.

The primary reasons fans are watching the Super Bowl 51 will always be the game itself. However, there are thousands who are interested in the Super Bowl commercials as well as the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Pick the top 10 best Super Bowl Ads for 2017 would be difficult, depending on an individual’s taste. One of the attractions in the Super Bowl 51 is the halftime show in which Lady Gaga will be the performer. Are the fans going to tune in to watch Lady Gaga?

Super Bowl 2017 can be seen on Fox around the United States on their television. The rise of so many ways to watch the Super Bowl can absolutely impact the viewers. Gone were the days when Super Bowl can only be watched on TV and on the venue itself. The technological innovations in the recent years have allowed the fans to see the game by using their devices such as PS4 or Xbox, Chromecast or Roku, Android or iOS phones.

In order to watch the Super Bowl 2017 live stream free, download first the Fox Sports Go App to access the streaming services. Moreover, those love to see it through their PC or laptops, just go to the Fox website for the streaming of Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl 2017 Odds remains at -3.0 New England. The Patriots are expected to win this game but for just three points. Always remember that all the six Super Bowls that the Patriots participated, the margin didn’t go over 4 points.

Will the Falcons be able to stop the Patriots offense? Who will win the Super Bowl 2017?

As the online video streaming movement augments, the concept of live streaming is also gaining more and more popularity. In fact, most people in United States consume their everyday news and entertainment via streaming video. However, when it comes to the Super Bowl 2017, biggest fans will be stick to the Television set for what’s expected to be the most entertaining even of the year.

Approximately 16% of Americans are planning to watch the matchup of the New England Patriots vs.  Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI on 5th of February 2017, via live-streaming video apps or online, according to a survey conducted by native-advertising firm MGID. The game kick start in the NRG Stadium in Houston and Fox Sports will be offering free live-stream video of the bout along with the halftime show via Fox Sports Go Apps for tablets and connected TV or at

According to the survey, 71% of participants are planning to watch the Super Bowl 2017 at home on FOX TV with the traditional pay-TV subscription. While, 2% of respondents would watch it on mobile in the United States., and 7% people said they are interested spending the Super Bowl Sunday at a bar, and 4% responded that they will catch the game in any other way.

The 16% of the Super Bowl LI audience this year is a significant increase from past years. Last year’s Super Bowl wherein the Broncos defeated the Panthers had an average television audience of 111.9 million. Online live streaming of Super Bowl 50 on CBS and NFL properties had 1.4 millions audiences on an average as reported by CBS Network.

Most fascinating fact about the survey included that elder people were more inclined to watch Super Bowl 2017 via online live streaming. About 23% of younger people are planning to stream the game via apps or online, versus older fans of 13%. About 57% of millennials wants to catch the game at home on TV, versus 77% of everyone else.
Further, the survey also figured out 43% of people were likely to re-watch their favorite Super Bowl Commercials and 6% had a positive brand perception change after watching the commercials.

This year, the Atlanta Falcons dominated the Packers in NFC Championship Game will make their 2nd Super Bowl appearance in team history, while hitting the NFL record the Patriots are back in the big game for the 9th time. Atlanta lost to the Broncos, 34-19 and New England is at 4-4 in Super Bowl games.

Scores and results of Super Bowl 2017 will be posted and updated here. Who will win between the Patriots and Falcons in Super Bowl 2017?

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