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11sixes’ a new Jaipur based online fantasy gaming sensation shines as a ‘Bright Spark’

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In this new generation of digital world, online gaming is vibrantly enriching with millions of players and crores of rupees. In this ocean of possibilities and competitors, “11 Sixes” a Jaipur based startup, which has just launched in September 2020, is emerging as the successful online fantasy gaming platform in a very short span.
Aren’t we excited to hear the success tale of a humble startup from two young minds in menacing online gaming world rather than usual Chinese investments or politicians’ funds?
And how would it be to know that they are Emerging as one of the biggest players for the upcoming online fantasy gaming market. Exhilarating, Right ?
The journey of the ‘11Sixes’ is inspiring and also fulfilling. As the experts always say, market constantly filters itself and Favours the best one, ‘11 Sixes’ has demonstrated its credibility and creativity of services.  Providing the easy, authentic and fun filled services has proved the key factor of 11 Sixes, it’s a combination of Fun, Fantasy and Fabulous.
With the trajected growth rate and the response received since the Indian Australian cricket tour and Big Bash, many people have confidently invested money and won many exciting prizes. This overwhelming reaction shows that ‘11 sixes’ has hit a long short in its success.
The promising features and the increasing users’ base hints that ‘11 Sixes’ is bound to become the next biggest player in the online gaming platform.
That’s not the end of the story –
‘11Sixes’ is yet to expand its charms completely, founders informed that they have more wide plans for its promotion and expansion for all the games.
From Indian religious sport cricket to local favorite Kho – Kho, ‘11 sixes’ expanded its wings in all directions of its services. They are soon launching the national game hockey also on their platform in addition to present services.
The Minds behind the Fastest growing online gaming startup – “11Sixes” –
This fast-growing fantasy gaming platform was launched by the dynamic team – Yogendra Singh Shekhawat and Tarun Singh Shekhawat.
These new young entrepreneurs from Jaipur have created the ripples in the online gaming world with their startup “11 sixes” with various strategies.
11sixes is owned by the parent company Radialrust Technologies and media services PVT.LTD.
11sixes has set up its own fan base of audience with unique interface of games and splendid marketing strategy for its players. It holds a strong presence in competition to the old gaints like Dream11, MyTeam11 or My11Circle in the market.

It’s fun filled, value added, trust worthy safe services have made all the mark of unique blend for online gaming with safety.

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