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WWE NXT UK Results February 18, 2021

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WWE broadcast today, Thursday, February 18, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London, UK. The show featured a meeting between Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown.

 Heritage Cup Championship A-kid  Vs. Sha Samuels

Round 1 Start evenly, with both fighters fighting for control. A-Kid looks for a Double Wristlock and forces his rival to touch the ropes. Samuels takes advantage, throws the champion in Bodyslam on the arm, and insists on the Butcher’s Hook. The Madrilenian tries to escape, but receives another elbow to the shoulder plus a Butcher’s Hook, causing him to surrender.

Sha Samuels

Round 2 A-Kid runs and tries his jump kick, but Samuels dodges it and insists on the punishment to the upper back area. The Brit punishes his opponent by throwing him into the corner plus a series of Bodyslams. A-Kid catches in Sleeper Hold to reduce his opponent. Samuels resists, receives a kick to the leg, and leaves the ring. A-Kid does not stop and flies in Suicide Dive, flying into the ring when the time was up. (03:00)

The Anonymous Child focuses on the punishment to the leg. At one point, Samuels places his foot on him in a triumphant pose. A-Kid catches him, uses a Dragon Screw, and insists with a kick to the limb. Jumping Kick and the Spanish achieves the count of three. (01:22)

 Sha Samuels

Round 4: Northern Lights Suplex at the start of A-Kid, bordering on victory. Samuels responds by hitting the corner plus a Clothesline. A-Kid does not fall, throws an Enzuigiri, and tries his luck with the Armbar. The challenger escapes and catches the Spanish in a jump, connecting a Michinoku Driver for the count of two. Samuels grabs for the Butcher’s Hook, but A-Kid hangs on until time runs out.

Samuels celebrates as if he had won, but the referee corrects him. Samuels gets angry. Round: 5: A-Kid quickly applies a Cross Armbar, but Samuels turns around and attacks him in the back of the head. The champion blocks a Butcher’s Hook by attacking the most Overhead Kick arm. A-Kid launches himself against his adversary and Samuels counters with a Spinebuster. Another Butcher’s Hook, though A-Kid takes control of the arm and transforms it into a Silver-Shoulder, extending his opponent’s damaged arm. Samuels surrenders. Sha Samuels 1

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Winner  Still Champion

The rivalry between Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown is reviewed in a video, talking about its beginnings for Progress and with comments from William Regal, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre. New video about NXT UK Champion, WALTER. His time in the British division is compiled, with the fighter indicating that he is honest with his origins and with the sport he respects. He will remain the NXT UK Champion to restore the sport’s honor and is stated to have surpassed Pete Dunne’s record of days as the titleholder.

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Josh Morrell Vs Ben Carter

Morrell tries a lock at first, though Carter escapes Johnny Saint-style. Both are even in agility and fight for control. Morrell surprises with a Hurricane for the count of two. Carter escapes and combines Flatliner against cornerback plus Suplex. The Prodigy takes the lead, but his rival manages to lock him up in a Romero Special. Carter escapes and applies the same movement, ending with a count to two. Carter’s dropkick, although Morrell escapes his opponent’s dominance by jumping into the corner plus a Hip Toss. Morrell uses a Crucifix Hold for the count of two. Carter reacts by finishing off with Twisting Suplex plus Frog Splash for the count of three.

Winner: Ben Carter

Joe Coffey prepares behind the scenes for the main event. Press conference chaired by Sid Scala, Assistant General Manager of NXT UK. Enter Meiko Satomura and NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray to announce the upcoming title match between the two.

The round of questions begins with Satomura, asking him why he accepted the challenge. The Japanese fighter affirms that her rival is a great fighter, but she has not overcome the challenge of facing her, it does not make sense to call herself champion without having defeated her. Satomura indicates that she will teach Ray what it means to be a champion. Another question for the challenger, how does she feel about her time in the British division. Satomura is excited and feels like she has a goal there.

Ask Kay Lee Ray, if Satomura was what he expected when he asked to face the best in the world. The champion says it was just what she wanted that many know that to be the best you have to defeat Satomura first. Another question for Satomura, how he feels before the fight. The Japanese claim to be in top form. One last question for Ray if he can beat the best in the world. Ray remembers, she is the NXT UK champion the wrestler with the longest reign in WWE, and will continue to be so forever. She is 100% sure of her victory.

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Scala announces that the match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship will take place in two weeks. Champion and challenger come face to face for the final photo. New video reviewing the rivalry between Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels. Tyler Bate comes out of a building alone and is interviewed. The fighter wanted to be calm and away from the environment of the UK Performance Center. Meanwhile, cuts are issued of his loss to A-Kid. Bate comments that he has moved away to seek control, something just as important as his training in the ring. You want to reach your best version and be ready for new challenges.

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 Aleah James Vs. Dani moon

Luna shows her strength, forcing James to flee at the corner. Luna easily lifts her opponent, but James escapes and jumps on the ropes. Luna catches mid-air and throws to the canvas, continuing with punches and a Gutwrench Suplex. He picks up for another, but James breaks free. Luna’s clothesline and charges her adversary. James frees himself and jumps on the second rope to hit Dropkick. Luna’s elbows to knock out her rival. James escapes from his control between the ropes, kicks to the face, and flies off the ropes. Luna catches her, carries her on her shoulders, and finishes off with a Sit-Down Powerbomb for the count of three.

Winner Dani Luna

Video of Jinny with Joseph Conners. The Fashionista indicates that Piper Niven has been looking for her, but she is not there. If you have a problem you can search for it. Conners points out that he has been in the same situation as Niven, blaming everyone. However, he realized the reality and now Jinny has improved it. The fighter affirms that there is something in him that the rest do not see a diamond in the rough.

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Conners comments They are building a dynasty and the reality is that Jinny will destroy Niven. Jinny wants to end the rivalry, putting her rival in her place as she has done with the rest of the women’s division. He warns Niven, he must be careful, his time is running out. It is recalled that next week there will be a fight for the NXT UK Championships: Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) (c) vs. Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker).

 Joe Coffey Vs. Rampage Brown

After showing even strength, Rampage manages to stamp his rival against the canvas and goes on the attack. Coffey is unable to return the offense, being outmaneuvered by blows to the back of the head. Gallus’ leader blocks a Doctor Bomb in time and fights back with Spinebuster. Coffey throws his opponent into the cornerback, uses a Backbreaker, and moves to focus his work on Brown’s back. Backdrop plus Elbow Drop combo, but not enough for the count of three.

Coffey yells that this is his Kingdom and chains the Shoulder Block plus Sliding Clothesline. Rampage endures and returns to the charge with a powerful Clothesline to knock down the Iron King. Side-to-side punching crossover, however, Brown landed two more Backdrop Suplex kicks, bordering on victory. Coffey pushes his opponent into the corner to avoid Doctor Bomb and runs for a Glasgow Sendoff. Brown stops him with a kick and continues to hit with Diving Shoulder Block plus Brainbuster.

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Coffey is not far behind and matches with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Coffey throws Rampage into the air and continues to combine Bodysplash to the cornerback plus European Uppercut and German Suplex. Glasgow Sendoff sending Brown out of the ring. The Iron King chases after his rival and runs for another Glasgow Sendoff on the outskirts. Brown pulls away in time, letting the Gallus fighter crash into the metal step and they return to the ring. Coffey’s left arm hurts. Even so, fly in Diving Crossbody for the count of two and prepare the Best for the Bells. Brown blocks the movement to finish off with Doctor Bomb and achieve the count of three.

Winner Rampage Brown

Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown face each other, shaking hands in respect to end the show.

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