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5 Big Stories That Came Out Of WWE Smackdown This Week

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  • Roman Reigns beat his enemies as well as his brother in SmackDown this week.
  • Learn about 5 big stories related to WWE SmackDown this week.

SmackDown has had a number of great moments this week, from Kevin Owens insulting the WWE Universal champion to giving Pat Patterson a tribute. This week saw another great match from the Blue brand, and especially Roman Reigns impressed during this week’s show. Also this week two big championship matches for TLC PPVs were announced at SmackDown.

This week SmackDown proved to be a very busy show and all the superstars appeared during the show paying tribute to Pat Patterson who passed away recently. Apart from this, there was a lot of watching during the shows and let’s take a look this week at 5 big stories related to WWE SmackDown.

5- Bayley’s Performance Has Dropped In WWE Smackdown

There is no doubt that Bayley is one of SmackDown’s most important superstars and his value is high in the blue brand’s women’s division. However, Bayley’s performance has been on the decline since he lost his title. Bayley was the first superstar to be eliminated in the Survivor Series 2020 Women’s Tag Team Elimination match, and this week in SmackDown, Bayley also lost in a match against Natalia.

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It is worth noting that Bayley has been on the losing streak since the August 24 episode of Raw, and most of these matches he lost through submission or disqualification. Bayley’s character has suffered a lot due to these successive defeats and it will be interesting to see how he is going to be booked in the coming times.

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4- Six-Man Tag Team Match Was Fought At Smackdown To Award Pat Patterson

Big E, who debuted at SmackDown this week with a new theme song, faced the team of Intercontinental champions Sammy Jane, Shinske Nakamura, and Dolph Ziggler in a Pat Patterson Tribute match, along with Daniel Bryan and Ray Mysterio.

At the end of the match, Daniel Bryan gave his team the victory by pinning Sammy Jane and it seems that pinning Jane may give Brian a chance to appear in the Intercontinental Title Feud soon.

3- Smackdown Championship Match Booked In WWE TLC Between Sasha Banks And Carmela

This week saw a verbal battle between SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Carmela in the backstage segment at SmackDown. At the end of the war, Sasha Banks invited Carmella to the title match at the WWE TLC. Let me tell you, Carmela has not appeared in action in the ring since April 2020 so it will be interesting to see how she will perform in this match.

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2- Forgotten Sons Returns To WWE Smackdown As King Corbyn’s Bodyguard

Fed up with the interference of the Mysterio family in a match against Murphy at SmackDown last week, King Corbin decided to bring backup. That’s why he brought two bodyguards to backup his match against Murphy at SmackDown this week. These two bodyguards were none other than Steve Cutler of Forgotten Sons and Wisley Blake.

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1- Dangerous Appearance Of Roman Reigns In WWE Smackdown

Roman Reigns teamed with Jay Uso to face Kevin Owens and Otis’s team at the SmackDown Main Event this week. Roman came deliberately late in the match and after he hit Otis badly outside the ring. After that, when Jay Uso failed to defeat Kevin Owens, Roman entered the ring and held Owens in submission, which ended the match in disqualification.

After the match, Jay Uso and Roman Rance attack Kevin Owens with a steel chair, and Uso feels that Roman is happy with his work. However, this was Uso’s mistake, and after this Roman also beat Uso with a chair.

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