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A Submarine Could Sail The Greater Sea Of ​​titan

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Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is that the only place within the system , aside from Earth, with a thick atmosphere and stable liquid on its surface. Covered by rivers and seas of liquid methane, it intrigues scientists, who even decide to send a submarine there to research its mysterious basins. Now, astronomers from Cornell University have estimated that Kraken Mare, the most important sea therein world, is a minimum of 300 meters deep near its center, enough space to submerge the Eiffel Tower in Paris and, what’s far more interesting , to be explored by a robotic contraption.

After examining data from one among the newest Cassini flybys on Titan, the researchers detailed their findings during a study published within the “Journal of Geophysical Research. The depth and composition of every of Titan’s seas had already been measured, apart from the most important sea, Kraken Mare, which not only features a great name, but also contains about 80% of the surface fluids of this moon, ”says Valerio Poggiali, a researcher at the Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences (CCAPS) and lead author of the report

The icy Titan is shrouded during a golden haze of nitrogen gas. But when rummaging through the clouds, the lunar landscape looks almost like Earth, with rivers, lakes and seas of liquid methane, consistent with NASA. Data for this discovery were collected in Cassini’s T104 flyby on August 21, 2014. The spacecraft’s radar scanned Ligeia Mare, a smaller sea within the north polar region of the Moon, to look for the mysterious “Magic Island. »That disappeared and reappeared.

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As Cassini cruised at 21,000 km per hour at nearly 1,000 kilometers above the surface of Titan, the spacecraft used its radar altimeter to live the depth of the liquid in Kraken Mare and Moray Sinus, an estuary located at the northern end of the ocean . Cornell scientists, along side engineers at NASA’s reaction propulsion Laboratory (JPL), had found out the way to discern the bathymetry (depth) of the lake and therefore the sea by observing the radar return time differences on the liquid surface. and therefore the seabed, also because the composition of the ocean by recognizing the quantity of radar energy absorbed during transit through the liquid.


It seems that Moray Sinus is about 85 meters deep, but the depths of the middle of Kraken Mare, which was too deep for the radar to live , in order that they deduce that it’s a minimum of 300 meters. Surprisingly, the composition of the liquid, primarily a mix of ethane and methane, was dominated by methane and was almost like the composition of nearby Ligeia Mare, Titan’s second-largest sea.

Previously, it had been speculated that Kraken might be richer in ethane, both due to its size and since of its extension to the lower latitudes of the moon. consistent with the scientists, the observation that the liquid composition isn’t markedly different from the opposite northern seas is a crucial finding which will help evaluate models of Titan’s Earth-like hydrological system.An enigma is that the origin of liquid methane. Titan’s sunlight, about 100 times less intense than Earth’s, constantly converts methane within the atmosphere to ethane.

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Over periods of about 10 million years, this process would completely deplete Titan’s surface reserves, consistent with Poggiali.The researcher believes that within the distant future, a submarine, probably without a mechanical engine, will navigate Kraken Mare. “Thanks to our measurements,” he says, scientists can now infer the density of the liquid with greater precision and, consequently, better calibrate the sonar on board the ship and understand the directional flows of the ocean.

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