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An Aspect Of Viego, The Ruined King And Next League Of Legends Champion Game’s Test Server

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Viego the Ruined King will be the next League of Legends champion and his skin is now available on the game’s test server.

 we still do not know the abilities of the champion,

which we will surely have the opportunity to meet at an event within the client with the champion’s own launch Viego and the new League of Legends season that begins this afternoon.

The animations that have been leaked are not of your skin base but an alternative aspect that would correspond to the event Scrolls of Shan Hai.

It is very likely that Viego in the next few hours we will have it accessible with the ticket of the said event which also brings with it the skins from Shan Hai by champions Neeko Cho’Gath Nautilus and Jhin.Along with the skins of ruined Karma Draven and Shyvana.

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