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Atletico Can’t Stand A Cup

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With a disadvantage on the scoreboard and numerical inferiority Simeone took Joao out of the field who apparently was having some discomfort to put in one of those homegrown players who regardless of whether this may be an exception to the rule, appear and disappear with them. Mario Soriano made him want to but his coach’s decision seemed what it ended up being a very good goodbye to a Copa del Rey in which Atlético outperforms season after season once again eliminated at the first exchange rate, again against a rival from Second B once again flirting with the ridiculous. Beyond the fact that another has lined up well, there are not so many titles at stake as to do without one just like that. That bad, it is understood.

Gimenez (Jose Maria) was injured and Jimenez (Adrian) scored.

To say good afternoon. The Atletico man was injured from a tackle that he himself made after misplacing an absurd ball. The Cornellá took advantage of the fact that Lodi was doing his thing at the mark to finish off the launch of the free-kick in question first. Own loss and another’s goal, the evening promised and brought strong emotions for a Simeone who lost at the first exchange after designing an eleven, Joao included, to win at the first exchange. Nothing is as it seems.

One of the surprises in such a lineup was under sticks. Miguel San Roman is the great-nephew of Miguel San Roman’s mythical Pechuga. The canterano occupied the place that in theory, Grbic should occupy that if everything runs with some normality. he has already played everything he was going to play this season and his family member smiled from heaven. He could do little in the goal he did a lot later when he took one from Estellés and another from Pablo Fernandez both for the second. Because it is so true that Atletico had them looking for a draw before the break. Saul shot the crossbar. Felipe slightly deflected his head. as Cornellá responded so enthusiastically to one and the other.

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The party was a minefield. There was no rojiblanco who did not ask for documentation as soon as he controlled the ball.

if he did control it. Small ground artificial grass, and a certain acquiescence from the referee: the local squad was so comfortable while for the rival everything was a nuisance. Recover it, move it with meaning look for the space that there was not … Atlético did not dominate a single facet cowardly in the rear with a special mention for the aforementioned Lodi, erratic in midfield with Vitolo or Kondogbia making competition, innocent up from the at the time Correa was performing as 9. Then there is Saul, who wore the bracelet before Cardassar who wore the bracelet before Cornella. Who has seen it who sees it?

As you can see the first thing that was seen in the second

The acts as a tunnel from Gila to Savic inside the visiting area. Atlético was still a joke. The second that Vitolo was whistled offside when he left alone. leaving his field. The refereeing team was still another joke. By the time Cuadra Fernandez expelled Ricard in the equator of that decisive stretch. The red-and-white incompetence was again evident, not an opportunity worthy of the name. But in any case. The braids untied the trigger that had jammed on the second card of the red-and-white just before that of the local Borja Garcia. He was Robin Hood. With a whistle but from Robin Hood.

Simeone pulled Saponjic for pulling someone unless Vitolo could not do, but if with them it was nothing, with one less Atlético it was double: nothing at all. Then came Soriano for Joao in which Cornella was refreshed with its own substitutions. The final dominance was more for what they will say than for something else but the rojiblanco staff has their gift of Kings: an embarrassing elimination. That many of those who played do not forget to claim more minutes in the League. Since they don’t do it on the grass. They will have to do it somewhere.

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