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Big Timber Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates Here

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Big Timber Season 2 is finally here. We’re eager to see what happens after the big finale that left us wondering so many things. When will Big Timber Season 2 debut? Who are the new characters of Big Timber? What will happen in season two of big timber? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the second season of big timber.

About the Series “Big Timber”

Big Timber is a new comedy-drama by New Century TV. It was created by Redeeming Elements. The series chronicles the lives and business of Big Timber, a family-owned business located in Montana’s small town of Small.

Ernest “Ernie” Briggs (Michael Shanks), is the first to be featured in this story. He was a pioneer of big timber and has since died.

Big Timber season 2 release date

Big Timber Season 2 has yet to be released. This is probably because the show hasn’t been renewed for a sequel. When this announcement happens will determine when the show comes back, which could be some time at the beginning of 2021 or in 2022. This is just speculation. Fans will have to wait and observe how things unfold.

Big Timber Season 2

Big Timber Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The series is about Wenstob Timber Resources, in which Kevin Wenstob and Sarah Fleming are life partners. Sarah Fleming has a degree in medicine and Kevin is an entrepreneur for over a decade. Kevin and Sarah started the company 25 years ago. However, at first, he was able to work alone. He began to need more employees as the business grew. Sarah was ready to switch careers and join him. She manages the operations at Sawmill and handles the sales. Kevin is responsible for the land claim and the logging.

Erik, the son of a heavy-duty mechanic and power couple, helps to support them. He ensures the machinery and equipment are in peak condition. Coleman Wilner, his friend for many years, is the Company’s Lead Hand. He is dedicated, hardworking, eager to learn, and has dreams of owning his own business. For the next installment, all four of them are expected to be back. We might also get to see some other members, and maybe even some new ones.

The plot of “Big Timber” season 2

We know some details about the plot, but it is currently being kept secret for big timber season 2. The family has changed. Grammy Jean (Diane Ladd), the matriarch, passed away during the first series finale. It means that much will change. Hank and Dean will now have to take care of Drew. One thing is sure: big timber is not over yet. This series was one the most popular originals on Netflix, so we’re very excited to see how they tackle big timber season 2.

Big Timber Season two will be built on the Big Timber Season one plot.

The story begins with a woman driving down an old dirt track with her daughter.

Molly is trying to rekindle her relationship with Luke. However, he’s not interested. Because of Grayson, his son, and Molly’s former partner. The townspeople learn that Molly was involved in a second murder in her escape from big city life. This raises questions about why they were there.

Molly eventually admits to having killed someone in a nightclub. This leads people to wonder if Molly intends to do the same thing again. Molly is close to giving birth. She still has the big-city life at the back of her mind, until some significant events prove Molly’s desire to get a fresh start in Big Timber.

Luke is trying his best to forget Grayson. He believes that he will only bring back negative memories about Molly and their friendship will shift from being a mere friendship to one of romance. He had no idea that this would happen again after what happened previously, but now he is feeling hurt because he doesn’t want anything to go wrong in his current life.

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