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Brock Lesnar’s attitude towards rejecting ideas revealed

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The fans have different versions in their heads of how Brock Lesnar maybe if he isn’t portraying the role of a Beast Incarnate on WWE TV. The intimidating and no-nonsense demeanor of the former WWE Champion can give the fans a wrong idea of the way the man really is behind the scenes.

Reports of Brock Lesnar’s backstage altercations through the years haven’t helped his image either, but in fact, the veteran Superstar is a very wonderful guy to work with if the cameras stop rolling. Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas was a guest on the latest edition of PhilSportsnews UnScripted live Q&A session with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

“He was fine. He understood his role really well. Early on, he was very much a sponge, listening to everybody and taking in information. As time went on, obviously, he started to go into his character, and instead of saying no, he would never say, ‘No, I ain’t doing that,’ he would say, ‘Do you think I would do something like that?’ You know what I mean.

During the chat, I had the opportunity to ask the veteran referee about how Brock Lesnar was backstage when putting together games, the in-ring communicating, along with other relevant things that often go unnoticed.

Jimmy Korderas, who worked for the WWE from 1987 to 2009, revealed that Brock Lesnar knew his role quite nicely. Korderas likened Brock Lesnar to a sponge. During the early days of his career, Brock Lesnar listened to everybody and took in all of the information he had to move up the rankings. Brock Lesnar got into his character as time passed, but he had a diplomatic attitude if he had to reject thoughts.

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Brock Lesnar wouldn’t outrightly shut someone down but might try and create the opposing party to understand his point of view. Jimmy Korderas added that Brock Lesnar is a good deal more’user-friendly’ as he’s made out to be.

Here’s what Jimmy Korderas needed to say about Brock Lesnar:

In addition to Brock Lesnar, Jimmy Korderas also revealed how The Undertaker and John Cena were like backstage in the WWE throughout the Most Recent UnSKripted episode. The veteran official also told a previously unknown detail about thinking up the name of an iconic finishing movement.

Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent as his WWE contract died at WrestleMania 36. While he’s expected to make his WWE return, there are currently no updates on when that would happen.

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