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Can A Pink Sports Car Be “Very Manly”?

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Many of us wonder if pink should be included as one more color in the color palette of many cars. Maybe not a normal pink, the one we attribute to strawberry gum or Barbie’s car, but some similar tone may be metallic. that is even elegant and does not remind us of Paris Hilton at all Or what does it do?  what the hell!

Go ahead, whoever writes this does not understand much of those nuances that make a tonality be called one way or another pink, fuchsia, violet, strawberry, salmon go dizzy But, finally, there are tones that we believe would please a good number of drivers who can sit behind the wheel without complexes. Pink has not really always been a color that is associated with the female sex. Until the 20th century, it didn’t make you think of boys or girls. But at the beginning of the century, it began to be seen how in Germany it was used more for boys. At that time too, an American newspaper The Sunday Sentinel, suggested mothers use pink for boys because it was a stronger shade while blue, more delicate was better for girls.

But this trend began to change when the Nazis began to identify gay prisoners with a pink triangle. Germany Europe and the entire first world bought that vision of the Nazis and since then we dragged it along associating it with the feminine. In the world of cars, several manufacturers have dared to take out a pink car or one of a similar shade. Porsche (as you know, a German brand) is perhaps the one that has tried the most to break the stereotypes associated with this tone. Perhaps the most famous example was the 917/20 known as the Pink Pig a car called to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1971 that unfortunately failed to finish the race. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had won? Perhaps its color would have been associated with more masculine motorsports as with the Gulf or Martini tones worn by other cars.

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Porsche also made a very famous color similar to pink they called it Rubystone Red ) that did not offer more than in the RS version of their 911 (964 generation), characterized by an engine-powered up to 260 hp (that of the Carrera gave 250 hp low and very firm suspensions, magnesium wheels, bucket seats, the elimination of the rear seats and the incorporation of some light elements, such as ribbons instead of the interior door handles. Think about it: do these qualities make you think about the female gender?

We believe not. Today this color is synonymous with radical sportsmanship for the putschists and none of these fans would think when seeing it in connotations related to girls. Perhaps they would only say. there goes one who has been able to buy the car that I would like to have. Another firm that has also resorted to shades that a layman in fashion could consider pink is Lamborghini with its Diablo in the mid-90s. In this case, the color they called Purple was sold in the 30th Anniversary version (530 CV ) but also in the normal variants (with closed and open roof) equipped with the 5.7 engine with almost 500 HP, a power not very suitable for delicate drivers.

We believe that these cars do not convey less character than other similar ones in black, red or yellow, and for our part, we would have no problem driving them if we had enough money to buy them. What’s more at your command we would go with a smile from ear to ear. But of course, they say that colors are for tastes and perhaps you do not agree.

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