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Cumulative Incidence Drops Below 300 For The First Time Since The Third Wave Hit

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The Health report today added 11,435 infections since the start of the pandemic, up to a total of 3,133,122 in Spain. Also, it has added another 397 deaths on the day, which means that 67,101 people with a positive diagnosis of coronavirus have already died in our country. The cumulative incidence has fallen for the first time since the third wave was triggered, below 300 cases in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. Specifically, it stands at 294.72 for the whole of Spain, with eight autonomous communities already down from 250 cases, where the maximum risk level is located.

The data consolidates the downward trend in the transmission that has been observed throughout the week, although the number of deaths continues to be very high and, in fact, exceeds the 388 deaths registered on Thursday. It also reduces hospital pressure. There are 16,314 people admitted by Covid in Spain, compared to 17,259 registered in the report the previous day. 12.83% of the total beds are still occupied by these patients. Of these, 3,739 remain in the ICU (yesterday, 3,822), which has slightly reduced the percentage of occupation in intensive care, one of the most worrying indicators, to 34.77%.

The pressure in the ICU remains well above the maximum risk level (25%) but maintains its downward trend since 1,240 patients have been admitted to these units in the last 24 hours, while 2,065 have been discharged. The situation, however, is very uneven from one region to another. The Community of Madrid is the one with the highest occupancy, both in general beds (18.79%) and in intensive beds (47.47%). Also, Castilla y Leon (43.59% in the ICU) and Catalonia (41.92%) maintain very high pressure, as does the autonomous city of Ceuta (41.18%).

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Of the new cases recorded in the day, 3,986 correspond to diagnoses made in the last 24 hours, of which 1,493 correspond to Madrid. The second most registered region in the Basque Country (430), followed by Castilla y Leon (374) and Andalusia (312). No other exceeds 300 cases in the day. Regarding the accumulated incidence, no autonomy now exceeds 500 and only Melilla (490.25) and Madrid (427.08) continue to exceed 400 cases, although both reflect a decrease compared to the previous day.

The communities that are below the 250 thresholds are Balearic Islands (136.76), Canarias (116.05), Cantabria (181.90), Castilla La Mancha (239.91), Extremadura (140.58), Murcia (183.55), Navarra (189.85), and La Rioja (208.65). They stay close to the limit of Catalonia (251.86) and Galicia (263.53).


The number of doses of the vaccine administered in the whole of Spain this Friday has been close to three million, specifically 2,936,011, while 1,171,026 have already received their full vaccination schedule, that is, they have been injected with the two corresponding doses. A total of 3,622,165 doses are already available to the autonomous communities, which means that 81.1% of those received have been administered.

On Fridays, also, Health reports the outbreaks detected. In today’s report, there are 9,942 cases associated with 1,678 outbreaks since the last update. The outbreaks in educational centers amount to 378 at this time, with 1,954 associated cases, making it the second area where more sources of contagion have been detected this week, only behind what Health calls mixed that collects 2,912 cases in 407 outbreaks.

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The social sphere, where more outbreaks are usually registered, has dropped, probably due to recent restrictions, to third place, with 1,508 cases in 312 outbreaks. The family would be the fourth area where more outbreaks occur (293), as reflected in the latest report, although it exceeds the social one in terms of the number of associated cases (1,703), perhaps due to the greater ease of locating this class of contacts.

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