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FauG will be quite different from PubG, know before playing how much difference is there between the two?

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There is a mobile game, called PubG. In India too, many people were crazy about it and often people used to meet while playing pub-g or talking about pub-g. But, a few months ago, the action was taken on many Chinese apps and many apps were banned in India. During this time, the name of the pub-g was also included in the list of apps that took action. After the ban of PUB-G, the news came that now an app like PUBG-G is coming, which is named Faug.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also keeps tweeting about FauG. The poster of the game, Teaser Wagahra, has been released, which shows that it is based on the army. In this game, an army contingent encounters terrorists and its location is also according to Indian locations. It is also being said that it has been built on the basis of the army’s operation. The update is that the game is going to be released on January 26. After tomorrow you will also be able to play the Hindustani game Fau-g.

By the way, only after downloading FauG, you will be able to know what is different from this pub-live. But based on reports and information provided by the company, it is found that PUBG is quite different. Do you know Fau-g is the same as Pub-g or there is a lot of difference in it?

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– Fau-g mobile game is a kind of action game and Pub-g is a kind of battle royal gameplay. Fau-g does not have a Battle Royale gameplay mode, which is still present in Pub-G, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile.

– In Pub-G, users reach a play area and fight with others to save themselves. However, the system is different in Fau-g. It is believed that some tasks will be given in it and you will have to go there and fight the terrorists. These are the places where the Indian Army has done many operations.

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– Fau-g app will focus on missions and episodes and multiplayer mode will also be given in it. It is believed that the first episode may be of Galvan Valley. At the same time, there is no episode in PUBG and it had to be part of the fight in a different way.

– In Lok, any locality was created, whereas, in Fau-g, places like reallocation have been created.

– In PUBG, you can fight with any user in the world and can also fight with any other friend. However, in this, you have to fight the enemies by becoming a soldier.

– This game will have an episode, in which you will have a mission and you have to complete it, whereas PUBG was quite different from it.

– You will feel that you are taking part in the war for your country and its interface will also be Indian, which will make you feel like a soldier. Pub-G was a very different app in these cases.

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-Pub-G mobile game users fought either alone or in groups of two or 4 friends from the rest of the groups alone or together with friends, and after winning one by one, they won the battleground in different leagues. Used to show This system may be isolated in Fau-g.

After the release of the game on January 26, it will be known how different it is from PUBG and how much users like it.

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