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Free Fire’s 3 Best SMG Guns in 2020

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  • Know about the best SMG guns for Free Fire
  • Free Fire has many different types of weapons but SMG is most preferred.

There are many different types of guns in Free Fire. SMG guns are most commonly used during this time. Many SMG guns are present in the game but some guns will be the best option.

Best Free-Fire SMG Guns in 2020

1) CG15

The CG15 is a powerful close-range and mid-range gun. Its damage is 50, while its range is 71. Also, this gun is much better in terms of accuracy. If you have to choose one SMG in Free Fire, then it will be the best option. One bad thing is that there are only 20 bullets in it.

2) MP5

MP5 has a damage rate of 48. There are 48 bullets in the mag of this gun. Due to this, you can easily take long fights. Along with this, it has 66 marks in terms of accuracy. Also, due to the rate of fire, these guns become special. You will not face any problem in the close range but this gun is not as good in the long-range.

3) MP40

The MP40 has the best rate of fire and can easily kill opponents because of it. However, the bad thing is that there are very few bullets in its mag but with the help of extended mag, it can be made useable. If you will be able to control its recoil, then this gun will win you in every close-range fight in Free Fire.

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