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Friends Investigated For Corruption Of ‘El Melillero’

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The passing of the hours has revealed the details of the long criminal history of JADN, alias El melillero, the young man wanted since Tuesday for attacking his ex-girlfriend and a friend who accompanied her in Cartama (Malaga), and traces an aggressive personality , irascible, dangerous An individual linked to drug trafficking, organized crime, violent assaults and mistreatment among his friends with a national policeman arrested for allegedly robbing drug traffickers.

The arrest of this agent, stationed at the El Prat airport, occurred approximately two years ago and at the time he was linked to a dangerous criminal of Moroccan origin who allegedly led a gang that committed overturns and assaults.The Instruction Court number 4 of Badalona was investigating this case in which Internal Affairs arrested another national policeman. Both, curiously, participated in rap music videos, some of which have been deleted from the Internet.

In the last hours an image is circulating in which one of these agents is seen, currently outside the body, in a meeting in which ‘El melillero’ is also present, the young man who currently heads the list of the most wanted in the Costa del Sol. Sources consulted by the local news agency  have confirmed the relationship between the two.The alleged corrupt policeman regularly visits a gym in Fuengirola, a town where investigators locate the last known address of J.A.D.N. and where – together with Mijas – the search and arrest system of the suspect is concentrated.The aforementioned sources have assured that “they are from the same gang”, an appreciation that reinforces the photographs on social networks in which they are seen together. Snapshots in moments of rest in which the protagonists pose showing their muscles.

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Despite his youth, ‘El melillero’ is a bragged criminal who is assumed to have a large number of friends and contacts in the criminal world. Supports that at this time can be a safety net to remain hidden before attempting to flee the country, according to the sources consulted, which add to this fact that it is very likely that they have extensive knowledge of the area where the trail was lost. Wednesday night, since he is a former resident of Fuengirola and part of his family lives in Mijas.


The Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía, Rocío Ruiz, said this Friday that “there is fear for the life” of Sandra, the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, who remains admitted to the ICU of the Virgen del Rocío Sevilla hospital . Ruiz, who has stated that “from minute one” has made all the resources of the Andalusian Institute for Women (IAM) available to the families to try to help them in this complex situation, added that the two victims remain “very serious” .The counselor has described the event as “atrocious”, while she has been convinced that the alleged aggressor will finally be arrested, despite the fact that he has “resources” that make it difficult. However, he has expressed his confidence in the professionalism of the police forces: “He will be arrested and tried”, he has sentenced.


The search device, precisely, continues this Friday focused on these neighboring municipalities, without neglecting the surveillance of points such as Benalmádena, Marbella or Estepona. But although the Costa del Sol is the main focus of police action, the location work has been extended to Algeciras (Cadiz), where attention is paid to transport terminals to prevent their escape to Africa.The situation is one of “tense calm”, point out police sources, who warn that road controls continue in parallel with the investigation carried out by the Civil Guard.It should be remembered that the offender was involved in a full-speed chase, in which he put the integrity of the agents and other drivers at risk, from the town of Casabermeja to La Mijeña, where his car broke down and the vehicle was located.

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‘El melillero’ has a trial for mistreatment of an ex-partner set for this month of January and has a search and arrest warrant for these events, which occurred in 2016, in a nightclub, where he allegedly hit and dragged an ex-partner, with which they have a child in common. As a result of this, a restraining order was issued for the victim that is still in force.His record also includes investigations for crimes of abuse, threats and drug trafficking, and is also pending trials for robbery with force and intimidation in an inhabited house and belonging to a criminal group, among other crimes.

In addition, as this newspaper reported, he was involved in a serious firearm incident in a nightclub. An event that the newspaper Sur located in Torremolinos after noting that J.A.D.N. he had seven outstanding warrants.He is ‘hung’, he is very violent, and I would not be surprised if he would shoot himself if they manage to locate him, “said a source close to the main victim.Although the list of arrests and causes of ‘El melillero’ is broader, as there are firm sentences against him for driving without a license in at least five cases, resolutions issued in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2015; and has been investigated for other crimes against road safety.

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