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Georges St-Pierre sends advice from own experience to Conor McGregor after UFC 257 loss

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After losing to Dustin Poirier in the main event at UFC 257, Conor McGregor remains the topic of conversation in MMA. The Irishman’s tough defeat caught the attention of Georges St-Pierre, who was surprised by the outcome of last Saturday’s fight.

The Canadian used a personal example to try to support “The Notorious” and be reborn in sport.

“I think he needs to be reborn. He could change some things in his training and in life, where he believes they have been the causes of his failure. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, just that he believes it. In my case, when I lost to Matt Serra, I trained to believe that I lost because I underestimated him. Maybe I wasn’t scared enough, maybe I didn’t train much, and that was because I started to grow. It may not be true, but the important part is believing that he can build his confidence from it, ” said GSP, in an interview with ” Believe You Me. “

A broad bookmaker favorite, McGregor ended up wowing the world after suffering the first knockout loss of his MMA career. Georges did not deny his outrage at the result, which ended up removing the Irishman from the Top 5 at lightweight.

He Concluded,

“I thought Conor was going to win, but he fooled me. I was very surprised. I think one of the greatest qualities of him is that he intimidates his opponents with his pressure, his presence. All the information that he gives to the brains of his rivals, all that he talks, many of his opponents give up under pressure, but Poirier remained attentive and it was a true test of his level. Now, it’s going to be interesting to see if Conor recovers from that. I think he can come back after this defeat. 

Active since 2008Conor became a sports phenomenon. With great ability to promote his fights and a technical quality different from the rest, the Irishman became the highest-paid fighter in the history of the sport, obtaining records in each PPV where he was present.

With the loss to PoirierMcGregor walks away from a new opportunity at the belt. After the defeat, Conor’s team showed interest in the trilogy against the former interim champion.

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