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GTA VI Will Focus On Single Player Mode, Developer Notes

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  • Many more tracks from GTA VI continue to appear, and everything indicates that GTA Online will continue to be the main multiplayer experience of the series.

GTA VI is a distant but promising reality. The sixth title in the open-world saga has great expectations for the latest successes of its developer company, Rockstar, which includes gems like Red Dead Redemption and GTA V itself, one of the most profitable titles in recent times.

The discussion about GTA VI is not far from GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA V that is still current and active, receiving constant updates and promising to extend its life cycle even more for the new generation of consoles.

However, one of the creators of GTA VI has just released a clear clue: and that is that the title will continue to have a main focus on the campaign and will not become, in any way, an online-only title.

It’s from Rockstar North Design Director Tarek Hamad. In a recent interview with the CQ portal, the developer said: “We have a firm intention to continue creating content for a player”.

Of course, given the success of GTA Online, the chances of GTA VI not having an online mode are quite small, but considering that the latest expansion (Perico Key) has been the largest to date, many are encouraged to Believing that Rockstar could relegate the entire online section to the way it debuted in 2013.

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GTA VI Trailer

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