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Higgins, Oriola And A Great Defense Sink Zalgiris

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A spectacular first half by Cory Higgins (19 points, 27 PIR), a great game by Pierre Oriola (also 19 points and 27 PIR), and extremely intense defense work after a hesitant first quarter were the main factors that boosted the game. Barca to an absolutely incontestable victory against a Zalgiris in which Marius Grigonis did not have the best of his days. [Narration and statistics (86-62)

The start was spectacular. A very intense exchange of blows ended with a 24-24 at the end of the first quarter. Higgins began to lay the foundations for what was to be another memorable performance, signing 11 of those points for the Catalans, with Nikola Mirotic and Oriola as squires. The visitors, meanwhile, signed a somewhat more choral performance, with Arturas Milaknis, above all, and Joffrey Lauvergne standing out above the rest of his teammates.

If Jasikevicius didn’t like something in the first quarter, of course, it was the number of points awarded. The Barça coach likes to build the victory from the defensive intensity. For that reason, surely, he would go to rest tremendously satisfied with the role of his own. Barça redoubled its defensive intensity and maintained its effectiveness in attack, despite some hesitations. This explains why the duel reached the half with a clear 48-37. Higgins appeared just at the most opportune moment to continue scoring points, while Grigonis began to wake up from his lethargy to try to achieve, without much success, that his team did not lose face for the game.

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The good feelings that Grigonis tried to convey in the second quarter would remain in the pipeline at the resumption. Barca, once again, would redouble their defensive efforts in a second half in which two of their centers shone especially, Brandon Davies and Oriola. The one from Philadelphia stood out for scoring and struggling in a third-quarter in which Zalgiris crashed time and again before a dense defensive wall. The Catalans were able to build up a considerable advantage very soon that in fact, they would no longer put aside. It would be of no use to Martin Schiller the tremendous rapist with which loudly he tried to find a reaction that was not glimpsed at any time.

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And if Davies shone in the third period, Oriola, meanwhile, would be the figure in the last quarter in which, with the comfort of being even 28 points ahead (75-47), the locals perhaps raised the score a little. foot off the gas. The from ultradense did everything: he signed a spectacular block and scored from all positions, even from beyond the three-point line. An action that in the end would seal the final 86-62 for Barca.

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