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If You Win Gold In Esports, You Get Rid Of Military Service In South Korea

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Santiago Canizares responded on the microphones of El Partidazo by Cope and Radio MARCA to Pep Guardiola as a result of the controversy that both have for personal reasons and that also has political overtones. Guardiola had previously responded to ‘Canete’ in the documentary Toca la Otra Vez Pep broadcast on Movistar following a few words from him about the Manchester City coach and his absence in the chat of the Barcelona’92 champions. He also attacked Alfonso another who did not have good words for Guardiola either. The WhatsApp group of the 92 champions from here on Caiznares had his turn to reply: The first thing that the WhatsApp group has nothing to do with the political issue.

I was struck by the fact that he was not there.

And I apologized because he is not there for this bullshit because he’s a Manchester City manager. I can’t invite him to the group because I’m not an administrator, I don’t have his mobile and he himself says he doesn’t have WhatsApp. In 92 and I am going to the political, in Barcelona flags of Spain was carried and it was possible to talk about political ideas and he was already exposing his ideas and I mine. But now the politicians have led us to a radicalized society. Our society has taken the bait and he himself took it when he spoke of Spain as an oppressive state and that is why as a Spaniard and Alfonso he offends us.

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That is what we recriminate him, nothing more. And now I like him to say that he loves Catalonia There is no problem but now he says he is fond of Spain. That is very different he commented on the political issue. Canizares insisted that Now if I get together with Pep I’m sure I’ll talk to him like in 1992.

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Many tired players have left the groups from that group, such as Luis Enrique, Abelardo, Alfonso Kiko. There are still enough but not all.

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