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Israel Adesanya back down to middleweight ‘really fast’ says Jan Blachowicz

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“It’s not easy fight for Adesanya. It’s gonna be harder fight,” Blachowicz told Ariel Helwani. 


“If he thinks [I’m an easier fight], he is wrong. I don’t care what he thinks. If they make this fight, I will prove that he is wrong. He will go back to his category really fast,” Blachowicz concluded. 

UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: The time of Israel Adesanya’s proceed to the light heavyweight division to challenge the champion could have struck some people as intriguing, given the longstanding war of words between himself and former long-time champion Jon Jones.

As a result of this, many think that Adesanya sees current reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz as an easier fight.

While Adesanya himself hasn’t – and probably will not – make a statement like this, Blachowicz is decided to prove him wrong anyhow.

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