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Jorge Javier Vazquez, Aguado And The Pitorreo To Ayuso

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We are going to tell truths, he will tell we are going to tell truths, it will be true, we are going to tell truths Let’s change the song a little, and let’s be honest. Who has not thought or ever said something outrageous about a politician? Who has not laughed at him or ridiculed him? Who is free from sin to cast the first stone. I think there will be a few. The joke, laugh and pitorrear of a politician would have to be included in his contract, in a clause that says in Chiquitita ‘they will pitorrear of you.

Jorge Javier Vazquez has pitorreado Isabel Diaz Ayuso. We all spill at them and it doesn’t matter what color they wear. With some more, with others less. And for a while now, there are more than less. The problem is when that Correo leaves the private sphere of our house, of our environment, and jumps into the media sphere. That is when it is a presenter a communicator, a journalist, or another media figure who loses that kind of non-verbal contract of aggression and lost to the river. And this is what happened to Jorge Javier Vazquez in Salvame this Wednesday with his interview with the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado. It would have been a normal interview, the one that all the media are doing these days after Filomena’s passage with some uncomfortable questions and others like the ones everyone does but with Jorge Javier Vazquez, no, not that.

What Jorge Javier Vazquez thinks of one and the other is well known, he has never hidden it, and the spectators have witnessed numerous confrontations at the expense of one political color or another let us not forget the one he had with Belen Esteban. And yet he continues to surprise he continues to piss off and also, he continues to be applauded, when he breaks that non-verbal contract of non-aggression, of not going overboard, and ends up blurting out what he thinks without caring what comes next. He has done it many times, always with the same ones and no matter how many consequences he has had later, he continues to do so. It’s an intrinsic characteristic of him, I can’t help it and I don’t think I want to avoid it either.

That is why, yesterday afternoon, Jorge Javier Vazquez decided that the last question he would ask the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, would not be about the snow, nor Filomena, nor the cold, nor about when Madrid it will be Madrid again. Jorge Javier Vazquez decided that the last question he would ask him would be to get rid of Isabel Diaz Ayuso, put the vice president in a bind and laugh, laugh a lot because he’s not a fool and he was fully aware of what he was going to mess with. Drops of sweat fell on Aguado, who weathered the storm (pun intended) as best he could and knew,


Isabel Diaz Ayuso has as many followers as detractors. It cannot be denied that she is special, that she is a president of the Community of Madrid who is out of the ordinary, that it is difficult to catch her point if you manage to catch it. This, and many other things, have made Isabel Diaz Ayuso be in the eye of the hurricane day in and day out. It goes more around the televisions, the programs, the newspapers, the political gatherings than the trunk of the Pique.

When interviewing Ignacio Aguado about the situation in the Community of Madrid, it could be thought that Isabel Diaz Ayuso did not have to appear. I was already Aguado, I was already giving explanations, I was already responding because one is enough and plenty. But not for Jorge Javier Vázquez. When there is a desire, there is a desire and the hordes of Twitter can be put in front of the whole, that Jorge Javier is brought fresh. Or maybe we have to start taking things with a little more humor, right? But for everyone.

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That Ignacio Aguado was by video call in Save me with the one that is falling in Madrid is the most normal thing. Sálvame is a program with a large audience, which has experienced the storm first-hand (Saturday, Saturday Deluxe had to be canceled due to the snowfall) and which, as they did in the confinement in March, dedicated a good part of the program to the situation of the Community of Madrid. In fact, it is appreciated that political representatives not only corseted to the usual programs but also open the fan and think that not everyone is watching 24 hours all day.

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Aguado’s intention was good, it was to explain in Save me, a program with a very clear target, how is Madrid, how it will be, when it is expected to return to normal, and what will happen in the next few days. And that’s what the first 10 minutes of the interview consisted of. Vice President, what is going to become of our lives? Was the first question from Jorge Javier Vazquez to Ignacio Aguado. The answer, the same that they have given everywhere: Well, we don’t know. We are working to make it as normal as possible again, but we indeed have a streak First with the Covid, then with the storm. The truth is That the difficult year has started, really.

And so difficult. We just need an Armageddon or an alien invasion in the style of Will Smith and Independence Day. About Filomena, in what situation is the Community of Madrid at the moment?, Continued the presenter of Salvame. He continued in his line. We are gradually opening the main roads of the Community of Madrid, but much caution is necessary and circulates with chains. Metro de Madrid is still open, which is becoming the great symbol of this storm Filomena because it has 130 hours uninterruptedly open. Never in its 101-year history has it remained open for so long and.

I have to thank the 7,000 workers who have worked to keep the Metro alive and that it has been the only artery in Madrid that has not frozen and that It has allowed many people to move to reach television, to hospitals, to help dependents, even to have sheltered homeless people. Political in its purest form. Jorge Javier Vazquez, restrained, quiet, listening. Too pretty to be true.

Is the weekend approaching, what is the recommendation?, He continued. Aguado, idem: Trying to limit mobilizations as much as possible. The greatest risk now is the ground that is frozen and it is necessary to lift it workers and a lot of work. There is also a risk of detachment of cornices, of falling snow. We are having 50 plasters at the Four out of 10 emergencies in the Community of Madrid have to do with falls, broken hips, dislocations So we must stay at home and if not that we move with great caution, especially people greater. Containment continued.


Then it was time to change the third, to talk about the coronavirus, about the incidence in the Community of Madrid each time worse. The latest data on the coronavirus is coming out and throughout Spain, the trend is very worrying. So much so that they are already talking about new confinement like the one in March the presenter wanted to know, which is actually what concerns us right now all seeing the increase in infections and the advance of the virus. Aguado did not want to get into any puddle from which he could not get out and preferred to appeal to that of we are working on it.

We work to avoid it by all means. We must avoid at all costs confinement that encloses us at home. In March we saw that it had many negative consequences at the mental and mental level, the elderly had a particularly bad time. We are doing everything that is in our power so that it does not happen again. We have to focus on where there is this increase in infections, which is especially in homes, in family gatherings. We are having cases of entire families that have Covid.

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That is why one of the most effective measures against Covid is not to lose the fear of it, not to think that we have already won the battle. And AguadoHe wanted to finish, he wanted to teach, he wanted to explain where so many contagions come from it is not necessary to be very bright, two plus two is four but Jorge Javier Vazquez did not leave him because the containment was over and it was rightly over.

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The bad thing is those people who insist on traveling hugged in the Metro, vice president.” And you can not put a but because this is a truth like a temple. Yes, indeed, these days due to the collapse of mobility in the Community of Madrid only the Metro has been the artery that has worked, but the images of crowded wagons, of people glued to each other, of thousands and thousands of travelers. No matter how many masks, no matter how much hydroalcoholic gel you want to give yourself, no matter how much you try to keep a safe distance, it is impossible. Getting a meter and a half away on the Metro is like dreaming of winning the lottery.

But Aguado, even so did not go out of its script. There are times that I think that in the morning they write or they write a speech and it is the one they have to say all day, those who ask them ask them. The Metro today has been the only public transport that has remained open the only transport with which to reach all areas of the Community of Madrid. The Metro has been absorbing all the mobility of the region these three days and evidently crowds have been produced but if we take the appropriate measures if we go with the mask.

But I had run into Jorge Javier Vazquez that no matter how much you may not like him, that you do not support him that you hate his ways, there are times when you have to applaud him even with your feet And, please, that we send the message that people don’t travel hugging because the people of Madrid are very used to traveling hugged in the Metro. Well, that, which goes without saying, more than Aguado’s face, no matter how hard he tried, was not from many friends or rather it was no longer as relaxed as at the beginning when Jorge Javier Vazquez let him expand without a problem.

Things were calm again. To be trusted. We have Filomena, we have Covid, when is Madrid going to recover its usual activity? Added the presenter. Well, look, nobody knows. Honestly, none of us know, but we do work for it. In the Community of Madrid 2,000 schools have to open, and we do work so that most of them can open next week; We work to open accesses on the sidewalks, but there have been thousands of broken trees. This is a great catastrophe and it must be understood as such, such as a flood, which has left us all frozen, worth the expression, and it will take days, even weeks, to recover. More of the same. And Madrid five days later impractical.


And then the moment arrived, the same moment as when you go to the dentist and he tells you that you are going to notice a slight pinch nothing at all and suddenly you see all your ancestors, the same moment as when your boss tells you you have to take hours and you think ‘there will be few and then you can’t go home in the middle of the big snowfall, the same as when you trusted and they put it folded. He, Jorge Javier, with that mocking, malevolent even funny laugh, lets them trust themselves, let them believe that he is giving them a chance. Like the clown from It before attacking children Whoosh

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I wanted to ask you a question, Vice President, now that I have to do it here, which makes me very excited, as well as with great confidence. We have been in Sálvame for 12 years and people always ask me on the street if what happens in Salvame is true, if everything is not organized, if there is no script. So, please, with this confidence that we have through video calls laughs, lots of laughs. You who are lucky to have her so close is Isabel Diaz Ayuso like this? or does it?  And what do you do when they ask you something like this live, about your president about your government partner? Well, you have two options get at the same height for both sides or hold on and try to get out of the box as best you can. water could have picked up and said the interview is over, played along with him, and continued the joke, or did what he did: put on a forced (or maybe not so forced) smile and muddle through without much dramatization. He opted for the latter.

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Now, let’s face it, who hasn’t asked himself this question about Ayuso or any other politician? Probably, the supporters of the president of the Community of Madrid are angry, his detractors will applaud Jorge Javier Vazquez because they too will have asked him more than once. In reality, we have all asked a similar question about any of the politicians who represent us, whatever color they are. Let’s not fool ourselves, let’s not cover reality.

Ignacio Aguado first released a slight smile that no matter how many times he has seen the video, he did not finish placing. I don’t know if the thought of ‘how many times have I asked myself that’ crossed his head or if it was a forced smile due to the situation. But what are you doing? And above all, what do you do when you are a political representative? Do you roll the blanket over your head and blurt out what you really think? Or do you do as Aguado did and try not to get your petticoats wet?

It’s like that. She is a person who is the way she is. I don’t think she hides anything. In fact, I work with her and with the rest of the Governing Council, and just like we are all people who try to do things well and sometimes they turn out well. And sometimes they turn out badly for us, but for the counselor, myself, as happens in any profession and life and, especially being the focus of half of Spain where everything you do or say has a special repercussion. But the president is like that and I work very well with her. Aguado saved the petticoats.

Aguado did what they always do, which we later know is not all rosy. So, what did Jorge Javier Vazquez want? Make clear your animosities forAyuso? Try to get Aguado to fall into the trap? Make fun of it? Put a little black humor in the thing? Or directly, end up in the mud? Or the same Jorge Javier already counted on falling into the mud. He knew he was going to mess up and got on. It is what social networks have, that there are no longer four walls that contain it.

Everyone is free to do and say what they consider, for that there is freedom of expression, thank God, but then let’s not put our hands to our heads, then let’s not say what they have told me, what they tell me or what they will tell me. Let each stick hold its candle. And Jorge Javier Vazquez said goodbye to Aguado Thank you, Vice President. You have earned a little piece of heaven. And so have I. Anyway.

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