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Konnor: “We Came Up With The Idea Of ​​forming A Group With The Headbangers In WWE”

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The exsuperestrella of WWE Big Kon formerly known as Konno was recently interviewed by Nick Hausman of Wrestlling Inc. Among other things, the member of The Awakening a group formerly known as The Ascension spoke about the idea of ​​teaming up with The Headbangers in WWE and about the future of his team with Viktor. Here are the most prominent statements.


I’ve known Mosh since 2003, so we have a story behind it. As you know, The Headbangers returned to WWE in 2016. In fact, we proposed (The Ascension) to form a stable with them, because we didn’t know how long they would be with us. They love these guys. They are people very close to my family. It was clear to me, and I told Viktor.

I started training in 2000. I was like a sponge at his side, I was trying to learn as much as possible. We did shows regularly in South Florida. A relationship was formed organically. In the end, I was hired by WWE in 2005 and hadn’t seen him since. Suddenly, 2016 arrives and he returns together with Thrasher. OMG, this script writes itself. It is magnificent. Why wouldn’t you want to do something like that? So we came up with the idea of ​​forming a group with them. In the end, this did not materialize at all.

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We have been in contact with a couple of companies. Obviously, with this COVID thing, everything is up in the air and all companies want to make sure they sign the talent they know. They don’t know us personally. So their opinion is like. We want them to come, but right now things are a little weird so let’s wait until they calm down a bit.

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Besides these two companies, Vik and I have also talked about going to Japan. We’d love to go but for now, I’ve been focusing on the wrestling school that I lead with Jay Lethal and David Mercury. We have more than 40 students who want to learn. Right now, my priorities are school and my family. It’s called Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling. All we ask is a good attitude and a desire to learn.

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