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Lidl’s New Bargain: A 4g Mobile For Less Than 70 Euros

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Lidl is on a roll with its tech products: wireless headphones, kitchen machines, and even designer sneakers. Taking advantage of the crest of the wave, the supermarket chain is now selling a 4G smartphone for less than 70 euros.

It is a German-made phone: the Gigaset GS110 that the supermarket chain LIDL puts on sale for 69.99 euros. A terminal whose price in-store is usually 119 euros.

The Lidl mobile is an ideal basic terminal for any average user. It has an Android 9 Pie operating system so it is compatible with all the major applications on the market WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook that you can download from its application store.

The Lidl mobile (Gigaset GS110) is an appropriate smartphone for all those who like to operate on a large screen. Its screen has HD resolution and a size of 6.1 inches that extends practically to the thin edges of the phone, which can be Gray, Green, or Blue and is compatible with cases.

The front camera of the screen has a resolution of 5 megapixels the rear camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Also, the phone has built-in face detection, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, FM radio, mute microphone, GPS, caller ID, hands-free airplane mode, assisted GPS function, and call waiting.

Its battery is 3000 milliamps hour and charging port is a USB Type C . You can use two sim cards at the same time and its memory can be expanded with a micro-SD card so you don’t run out of space.

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One of the big problems with LIDL’s mobile is that, as is often the case with its exclusive products, it is virtually out of its physical stores.

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However, other sellers have taken advantage of the product pull to sell this same phone reduced to 71.74 euros as is the case with Amazon, where it has excellent ratings from its users. Also, its manufacturer, the German Gigaset, has lowered the price on its website to 89 euros.

The fact that it is a supermarket phone should not worry you to find accessories to the LIDL mobile or components such as covers or protectors. For example, a kit of cover plus tempered glass to protect the screens against falls can be purchased for less than 6 euros. If you want to have plenty of memory, you can also add a 64 GB microSD card for less than 9 euros.


If you want a functional phone but without spending a million but the LIDL mobile does not convince you, you can also take into account the mobile phones that we show you below.

For less than 50 euros you have this Alcatel 5033D that is ideal as a battle phone or for older people who only need to use its most basic functions.

For less than 85 euros you can also get this Blackview a80 that has a more modern version of Android, more battery, and better cameras than the LIDL phone.

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Also, for 119 euros you have the mythical Xiaomi 9C. One of the best-selling phones during Black Friday and Christmas that can talk to you to terminals of a much higher price range.

Finally, for 128 euros you have the TCL 10SE, which has 4GB of ram, cameras of up to 48 megapixels, and 128GB of internal memory so that you never lack storage space.

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