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Love Broken Them Soon Zoe Kravitz, The Daughter Of Lenny Kravitz And Lisa Bonet

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Just a year ago everything seemed to be going smoothly for the actress Zoe Kravitz and her partner. The young woman proudly showed us her wedding dress seven months after having married her colleague Karl Glusman. However all that happiness seems to have disappeared suddenly because Kravitz has asked for a divorce from Glusman.

It gives the feeling as if giving the yes I want sometimes brought a kind of bad luck to the couples who until they got on the altar seemed to be totally consolidated and in harmony. This is precisely what has happened to the actor couple formed by Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman who had been together since 2016.

The courtship has lasted longer than the marriage. Yesterday the North American edition of People magazine was the first medium to cover the news: Kravitz had officially asked Glusman for a divorce. The magazine claimed to have obtained the legal records that confirmed said formal request of the interpreter. But the thing did not stop there the break was fully verified when a couple of hours later, one of the representatives of the actress from ‘Big Little Lies’ confirmed the news to the publication

The reasons for the imminent separation have not yet been revealed, but the truth is that this news has surprised us all. This same summer Zoe shared on her Instagram profile a beautiful black and white image of her wedding with which she celebrated her first anniversary with Karl. For his part the actor sent a public message to his wife in which, according to the exact words he said. This is not the year we expected. but I feel that if we can overcome this we can face anything. I love you more than anything.

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In addition after the dreamy ceremony and subsequent party that the couple held in Paris, in the majestic home of Lenny Kravitz no one could have thought that this modern tale story would have such a sudden end. Glusman has recently deleted all the images with Zoƫ that he had published on his Instagram account, including those of his wedding, but you still have time to take a look. If you want to see some of the best snapshots of that special day, just you have to click on the video that we attach at the top of the page.

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