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Lucifer Season 6: Release Date, Plot And Renewal Status

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The good news for all the Lucifer lovers is the filming of Lucifer season 6 has already started; however, there are a long wait until its premiere. This article will talk about Lucifer’s season 6 release date, its production standing, and what fans can expect from the upcoming season of this series. The sixth season will be the last season of this show, and also the saga of Lucifer will come to its epic end. The announcement about the final season was made on June 23 by Netflix, in which the streaming platform surprised all the fans by showing that Lucifer will return for its sixth and final season. Let us get all the critical details about the upcoming season.

Lucifer Season 6 Renewal Status

Initially, season 6 of Lucifer wasn’t planned and was never going to happen in the first location. Originally, after four seasons of the show, Lucifer was meant to finish with its fifth year. That is the reason why the show’s fifth season was split into two halves and awarded an extended season with more episodes.

Afterward, when Netflix gave the fifth season its final order, fans weren’t happy. It ultimately led to normal campaigns such as fans’ petitions, which became the best performing petitions as they managed to secure over 100k signatures. Together with the several petitions, and massive popularity of the series, fans prevailed, and lastly, the series was revived for one more season. Rumors for its sixth season began to happen in early 2020 which Netflix has altered its decision, and Lucifer has become revived for a sixth time too.

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The very first news came in February 2020 when resources found that Netflix was again back in discussions with Warner Brother Television, and they had the intention to expand the series and also make the sixth season of Lucifer happen.

Finally, on June 23, 2020, Netflix declared that Lucifer had been renewed because of its sixth time, which is going for its final season.

Release Date

So far as the season 6 release date is worried, speculations have it that Lucifer season 6 will arrive in late 2021 at the absolute earliest on Netflix. No revelations are made about this season 6 release date, nor will be some hints given to the audience as to if they can expect to see Lucifer’s final season. The number of episodes will probably be 10, as reported by TV Line.


The show’s makers announced that season 6 are their very last story, and no renewals will be left following the fall of the finale. The productions added that this is the story they always wanted to tell, and it comes to an end with its sixth time. The conclusion breaks our hearts that the epic saga of Lucifer will finish now.

Other sources also added that one giant story would play out in the final season that’s just had to be told to the viewers and Lucifer fans. And it’ll be the ultimate landing for the how. The makers also added they intend to include social issues from the sixth season of Lucifer to give the show an perfect ending.

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One of the series’s writers said that it is essential for each of us to talk about the cultural reckoning that we are all going through right now, also it needs to be educated to the general public. Our team is very enthusiastic about the last season, and we firmly believe that we will get it right.

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