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Madrid Shields Itself Against The Violent

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The municipal fear that this weekend there will be new concentrations again is already palpable. New calls to take to the streets of the capital began to circulate on social networks this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasel, in prison for crimes of glorifying terrorism and insults to the Crown. At the moment, they have not specified the exact location but the National Police is already up to date and warned.

The Provincial Information Brigade of Madrid continues to search the networks to collect more data that will shed light on the intentions of the attendees, as well as the possible organizers. It is not ruled out that, as happened on Wednesday, radicals come from other provinces of Spain. As this newspaper has learned, the authorities are considering three possible scenarios where the protests could take place, Atocha, Tirso de Molina, or the vicinity of Sol and Gran Via.

Another hypothesis on the table is that the most violent protesters choose to divide into small groups and deploy in different parts of the city center, which would require a greater number of available agents and make their work more difficult. But, as police sources reveal, there is already a plan to try to minimize protest attempts as much as possible.

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A much larger device has been organized than last Wednesday, with 300 agents of the National Police watching over security in the center of the capital. Although the number could increase, if necessary since there will be more troops in the rear. They will be supported by the Madrid Municipal Police, with its Central Security Units (UCES), and agents from the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) of the citizen security brigade belonging to the Madrid Police Headquarters.

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They will be joined by plainclothes agents who will infiltrate pedestrians and controls to access the city center, to prevent crowbars, homemade bombs, or any tool that can be used to cause disturbances from being introduced.


The objective is to avoid the repetition of scenes like those of last Wednesday, which left 55 injured, 35 of them police officers with injuries of various degrees. The rest of those affected were protesters and citizens who were walking there. In any case, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, assured that the city is “prepared” for today. For this, the City Council has also chosen to remove the bollards and wastebaskets in the area, and thus prevent them from being used in acts of vandalism against more shop windows. And it is that the pitched battle lived this week has not come cheap to the capital. Martinez-Almeida himself advanced yesterday that the damage caused in shops and urban furniture by the riots in Puerta del Sol will amount to about 200,000 euros 75% of that amount directly related to private establishments. The councilor said that he will study all the necessary actions so that those responsible for the damage pay for it and that in this way the repairs do not come from the money of the people of Madrid.

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For her part, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, affirmed yesterday that the President of the Government Pedro Sanchez enjoys Nero, from La Moncloa, seeing everything about the pitched battle on Wednesday. And he added, We have at the head of La Moncloa some politicians, some movements, that are leading us to a pre-war civilized environment in Spain. For Ayuso, one, from the streets, burns coexistence and another instigates it from within in a much finer way, who is the Prime Minister, and who, of course, is the absolute responsible for everything that is happening, indicated in statements to the radio.

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