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Manu Dios, The Boy Who Played In ‘Cuentame’ And Now Writes His Scripts

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Was 10 years old recalls Manu Dios, the actor who plays Luis one of Carlitos’s friends in the nostalgic series. When you are a child it is like a game he explains in conversation with. Then you become aware of the responsibility you are assuming and that if you are absent a team of 60 people cannot do their job, he adds. That’s when you start to be a real actor sentence to his 30 years.

But Manu Dios was not satisfied with learning to be an actor. Since I was little, I have liked reading and writing very much he says. That concern which as a teenager he reflected in a newspaper and the elaboration of short stories he later decided to channel her towards professional training, and he enrolled at the Carlos III University to study a master’s degree in screenwriting. One of the teachers I had told me that he had a writing style very close to Cuéntame. And that’s how the doors of the script room of the series that has been part of his life also opened for him. Manu Dios has been working in the scriptwriting team of Cuéntame for a year and two months while he continues to play his character. His landing in the team led by Joaquin OristellIt occurs just when the fiction produced by the Ganga Group has made the most significant turnaround in its history, with a leap to the present that opens two parallel timelines in its plots.

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We debated it in the middle of March and decided to take it forward to incorporate into the narrative the events that we are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic. This Thursday, La 1 broadcasts a new chapter, number 375, of the veteran TVE series that takes place in two stages. Carlitos Ricardo Gomez Josette Santi Crespo and Luis Manu Dios. In a country like Spain, the series that are introduced in history is fertile ground to arouse political controversy. But if they step on the present above that is directly entering quicksand. It is true that in Cuentame there are events that at any given moment may affect one or another party or certain personalities, but beyond that, on the part of the script team there is no intention, says Dios.

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The series does not have any conditioning factors when it comes to setting up the plots,” he insists. We simply tell the story of a family at a given historical moment. In any case, politics is not something at all foreign to Manu Dios. In addition to being an actor and screenwriter, he is a political scientist. After the first stage in Cuentame, when he turned 18 he left the series. I decided to take a break in my acting career and study Political Science. I was five years in the Complutense.

At the end of my degree they offered me the opportunity to rejoin the series with the plot of heroin addiction and I came back he recalls. After his return, he accumulates another seven years in the skin of an adult Luis. Unlike doctors who are not advised to diagnose themselves in the case of the screenwriter, there are no incompatibilities with the interpretation. Sometimes I have to write my own dialogues”God acknowledges, who denies feeling pigeonholed despite having given life to Luis for so many years. Each season is a new challenge he says.

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The plots have been changing and the character has had a long journey. Also, he highlights that the five-year break in which he was out of the series served him to take some distance and come back with great enthusiasm. Regarding that decision, it is strange that an 18-year-old young man resigned to continue in one of the most important series on Spanish television with the many advantages that that position entails. But he explains It was as a result of some exams in the second year of high school. From one day to the next, I had to take on the recording of seven sequences at a time when I was having exams.

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I felt very overwhelmed when I suddenly had to spend the whole day shooting. I got nervous and saw clearly that the two things were going to be very difficult to reconcile. So he decided to leave the path of fame to focus on studies. Now, he has recovered his role as an actor and is premiering that of a screenwriter but a new bug has visited him. I would love to direct my own stories he admits. But once again, a sense of responsibility prevails I am attracted to directing what happens is that I don’t have technical knowledge either The lack of audiovisual studies conditions me a lot he says. Little by little he concedes. The future will tell. For now, Manu Dios will continue to write and grow in Tell me how it happened.

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