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Masksinger Rides The Wave Of The Castizo: This Will Be The New Masks Of Its Second Season

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The traditional thing is already the new mainstream. It was demonstrated by C. Tangana with his album El Madrilenian the aesthetics of the Goya gala this past weekend confirmed it, now to be cool you have to get down to folklore. And that is a line that they also seem to have clarity on television. Masksinger has been the last to join the new wave with some of the masks from its second season that begins to see the light once the secret casting for this new stage has already been chosen in reality.

That traditional point in the Antena 3 contest, as has learned, will be provided by a cat dressed as a culpa. A tribute to the city of Madrid and its regional clothing that will not be the only one that will be in the second edition. The cat is purely Spanish from Madrid but we have two more representative ones from Spanish regions that we will be showing soon, Carmen Ferreiro, Atresmedia entertainment director, explains in a telephone conversation.

Last year we made winks that perhaps went a little more unnoticed with the shrimp, octopus, and sunflower masks, but this year they will be much more identifiable, he says. And it is that another of those masks, although the rest of the outfit does not sign it, will also be directly related to a Spanish region specifically with the Canary Islands. One of the new contestants will be hiding under a banana costume.

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And the big question How are those masks made? First, a sketch is made with a very complete design of fabrics and materials and from there guidelines are given, taking great care that the materials are not very difficult to move because you have to act with them. Then it is made to measure for the celebrity that it will be underneath details Ferreiro.

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That first step is in the hands of the designers Cristina Rodriguez and Raul Madrid, who make use of their imagination and all kinds of materials silk, velvet, glitter, sequins, beads, neon lights, lights – to give birth to the costumes. They give us the profiles and ask us to give them a style. They can ask us if they want a glamorous character, but we can see him more punk and we present that idea. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn’t and we have to start over, The creators of the masks point out that sometimes they come out the first time, and sometimes they need ten designs.

With the Tulipa cat, there were no doubts, green light the first time. Curiously at the beginning of the chain, they wanted to take it to another point, but we were clear that it had to be more authentic, more understandable for the Spanish public, and as soon as we presented it convinced them. Sometimes it seems that we want to do things from Oklahoma or Texas and here in Spain we have many wonderful things indicate the designers.

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One of the great difficulties of this design work at Masksinger is to do it without knowing who is going to wear the suit. And it is that the secrecy between Atresmedia and the producer Fremantle is such that the designers do not know the character for whom they make the mask. We design it as if it were for an animation program as if it were not going to take anyone. Then they already tell us that it will be a taller or shorter person, the parts of the body they want to enhance and the number of feet, that’s all we know state Rodriguez and Madrid.

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Not even the gender of the celebrity that will be hidden under the suit is known to designers in a program where secrecy is fundamental. Being the second season and knowing that there are more people attentive to the program and that everyone wants to know everything as soon as possible, we are going to maximize confidentiality even more. In these types of formats, you are playing with an illusion and a fantasy and if they disappear, no it makes sense, says Atresmedia’s entertainment director.

In the first season, I would get on the phone with my boy and Raul and we would try to guess who would be under each suit and that I work here, explains Cristina Rodriguez about the program that in its first season had Paz Vega as the winner and characters like Georgina Rodriguez, Norma Duval, Toni Canto, Jorge Lorenzo or Pepe Navarro. This casting of the second is possibly the best in the history of television, I am not exaggerating, it is pure fantasy concludes Ferreiro.

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