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Massacre In Turin: Manchester United Reduce Real Sociedad To Ashes

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In the forced exile of Turin, the flames consumed a Royal Society that ended the game in ashes. The bath that Manchester United subjected him to was such that the overwhelming result was even short, to the point that the last thing was that the San Sebastian team is already virtually eliminated from the Europa League. The feeling of helplessness exhibited by Real, especially in the second half, was one of those that threaten to leave a deep hole in the confidence of a squad. The San Sebastian team was pale, with the same whitish tone that Barça carried against PSG, similar to that of Sevilla against Dortmund in the first half of the Pizjuan. His tremors are those of a Spanish football that has received a punch in the face with the return of European competitions.

The control football, slow pace, and passing to the foot that is practiced so much in the League does not serve beyond the Pyrenees. Football is mutating towards verticality and Spain has been caught still enraptured by the horizontality that one day conquered the world.  Not anymore. Proven remains,The new references are now men like Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, and also Bruno Fernandes. Perhaps the Portuguese do not carry the fame of the other two in these latitudes, surely weighed down because adolescence catches him too far away at 26 years old. But like them, from the position of midfielder, he represents the prevailing way of understanding and practicing football that is making its way in this decade. He demonstrated it well in Turin, leading a storm of accurate counterattacks that drew the final 0-4.

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Aritz Elustondo’s injury in the warm-up left Imanol Alguacil without his best center-back and, above all, without the fastest and most expeditious, key qualities to stop the battery of offensive punches handled by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The forced change of plans did not alter the proposal of the Royal, faithful to its script, including well-advanced defense, despite the dangers it entailed. The dawn of the encounter, however, left no room for tactical readings. In two and a half minutes there were already three clear occasions, two from Real and one from United. That of the English was stopped by Alex Remiro, who was going to become a giant to avoid an even bigger win. Because after the frenzied start, United began to become the owner and lord of the game.

Physically superior, he found a way to recover the ball away from his goal and to set up dizzying counterattacks, with his three pure attackers constantly swapping their positions to distract the realistic rear. Remiro stopped two plays from hand to hand with Marcus Rashford, as active as he was imprecise, and another occasion from Scott McTominay, the footballer who made the difference by his deployment and his verticality. Remiro did what he could, which was a lot, but he could not prevent his rival from going ahead and later thrashing him. Bruno Fernandes beat Igor Zubeldia’s back – a constant throughout the match – and stood before Remiro. The goalkeeper and his two central doubted what to do and who should do it and ended up colliding with each other in the area.

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The ball ended up leaving the Portuguese midfielder to finish at pleasure and add the first goal of the tie. It was simply the appetizer of the copious menu that Manchester was going to serve in a huge second part. Each lost ball by Real -and there were many- became a lethal counterattack, a dagger stuck in his weakened heart. Bruno Fernandes repeated the celebration 12 minutes into the second half and Rashford scored the third shortly after.
The match had already led to a massacre in the face of the impotence of a Real without solutions to face the torrent of football from the Solskjaer team. Daniel James, a nightmare throughout the game, scored the fourth at the 90th minute, ending the torture of the Real, who will have to travel to Old Trafford next week to not know what. Because thinking about possible comeback borders on science fiction.

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