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Mexican President Lopez Obrador Tests Positive For Covid-19

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The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has confirmed that he has been infected with covid-19. Through his social networks, the 67-year-old leader explained that the symptoms are mild but I am already undergoing medical treatment. As always, I am optimistic. The news has shaken the country in a full boom of infections and deaths from coronavirus and with hospitals in large cities on the brink of collapse.

As long as his health allows, Lopez Obrador has expressed his desire to continue pending public affairs from the National Palace, although a good part of his agenda will be assumed by the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero. In recent days, the Mexican president has made a tour of the states of Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi, where he was accompanied by several members of his Cabinet as well as several local political leaders.

All of them have been duly notified and, in the coming days, the extent of the contagion will be announced. In search of the origin, many points to Jesus Ramirez, spokesman and right hand of the Mexican president, who tested positive for covid-19 exactly 14 days ago. Despite having shown his strength in endless tours of the country, Lopez Obrador is among the high-risk groups, he is 67 years old, suffers from hypertension and, in 2013, had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering a myocardial infarction.

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In early March 2020, when the pandemic had not yet taken root in Mexico, Lopez Obrador completely underestimated its deadly effects. During a press conference, the Mexican president boasted of having infallible protection to avoid contagions, some pictures of the Virgin that his followers had given him the protective shield is honesty, that is what protects, not allowing corruption, he assured.

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When some states decided to impose restrictions on trade to avoid contagion, L√≥pez Obrador criticized the measure and encouraged the population to “if they can do it and have the economic possibility to continue taking the family to eat at restaurants and inns. The president has rarely been seen wearing a mask. In fact, after taking a mass bath and carrying a girl in his arms during a public event, he insisted that there are those who say that because of the coronavirus you should not hug. But you have to hug, nothing happens like this

Last weekend, in one of his last public events before learning of his contagion, Lopez Obrador assured that there is already a little light that we can get out of the tunnel in which we find ourselves. However, the figures belie the president’s forecast. Last Friday the record of infections and deaths in 24 hours was registered, with 22,339 and 1,803 respectively. Mexico is the fourth country most affected by the pandemic and hospital saturation (which is around 90% in the capital) could make things even worse.

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