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New Zealand Sports Community on Gymnasts 2019-20 “We Don’t take condone body-shaming, physically, mentally or emotional abuse”

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WELLINGTON: New Zealand Sports Community has urgently launched inquiries for physical abuse of its athletes as well as psychological abuse. Similar complaints were also reported in other countries.

New Zealand Sports Community is focusing to deal with abusive complaints on the Gymnasts 2019-20.

New Zealand Sports Community
New Zealand Sports Community

Media and New Zealand Herald reported that elite and club gymnasts complained about being abused verbally, forced to train while injured, as well as body shamed. We tried reaching the gymnasts for comments, but they couldn’t be reached immediately.

Highlights on New Zealand Sports Community:

  • New Zealand launched inquires for physical abuse of players.
  • STUFF MEDIA revealed about the injuries caused by the treatments.
  • Chief Executive (Tony Compier) put an inquiry for STUFF MEDIA allegations.
  • Chief clear that they don’t support any kind of abuse.

STUFF MEDIA Reports on Injuries:

According to “STUFF MEDIA” one of the largest multimedia company as well as largest newspaper in New Zealand, said a large number of long-standing injuries, eating disorders because of their treatment which has been reported earlier.

New Zealand Gymnastics Chief Executive “Tony Compier” told the “STUFF MEDIA” that they have launched an urgent inquiry for these allegations.

“We were not aware of any of these allegations, but we regret any athlete being treated in such a way,” said Tony Compier.

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Tony Compier to STUFF MEDIA:

We do not support any mental physical or emotional abuse, as well as body shaming. We don’t pressurize athletes regarding food and weight.

Gymnastic New Zealand has set up pseudonymous complaints procedure and urged everyone who all are affected to raise their concern.

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Sports Authority of New Zealand has also launched safeguard measures for children in sports.

Mistreatment of Gymnasts:

This mistreatment of gymnasts came into the spotlight when the Netflix documentary “Athletes A” was released last month. This documentary is based on a newspaper investigation into the abuse of American athletes that led to the jailing of a doctor’s team.

This initiative grew out of their investigations back in 2019 into the integrity for all the different sports played in the country where they looked at player’s being bullied and harassed.

In past weeks Australian and British gymnastics have also launched inquiries.

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