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One By One Of Barca Against Athletic: Finally, Koeman’s Barca Appears

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Ronald Koeman needed a game that would reaffirm him as a coach and serve to send a message to the dressing room that he knows what he is doing. The Dutchman has given up returning to 4-3-3 and the players have responded. In this system Pedri shines with his own light who gave an exhibition in San Mames although the canary would come out in any drawing. Is very good. So good that it has made Messi regain his smile. The society between the canary and the Argentine invites you to dream. For how long, depends on what Rosario decides to do at the end of the season.

Man of the match so far.

He scores the tying goal with a header and a heel assist is invented for Messi to score the second. It cannot be that this is the only season that we are going to see these two gamers together.

Little by little he regains his tone.

In San Mames. he had fun as we hadn’t seen him for a long time. He scored a double and the best news is that his goals came from associations with two footballers who have to be important in this Barca. Griezmann and Pedri. Of course. he made a mistake at the end that cost Barça to fit the second … and end in trouble.

Overconfident. So much so that sometimes easy things fail.

He’s spot on one-on-one and brave with shots from the front. The association fails him. If he were more precise on those walls that he tries to shoot with Messi. it would be crazy.

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So much also leaves him in evidence.

He was too early misplaced and then he is unable to reach help. Of course the one who stands out the most is Clement Lenglet who is not having his best season. That action aside. he has been fine in other actions most notably holding down Williams.

The goal of the Barca draw is his merit.

He goes for a ball that everyone gives up for the loss and gets a high-quality assist. Pedri already does the rest which is very good.

Recovering the 4-3-3 has been a success.

The team plays better and is more recognizable than before. Besides De Jong, one of the reasons why he changed the system, seems to have adapted well to draw. As on other occasions, it is difficult for him to make changes.

Relatively quiet first part.

In the second, there was a moment of a lot of ball hanging in the area and he was uncomfortable. If Athletic had an Aduriz in there, they could have made him a suit, nor could he do much in the second goal.

He starred in a great action leaving a free ball to Dest in the area.

Beyond that, a lot of unchecking, pressure work, and some distant shots. He does not end up being a forward or a playmaker.

It started with little participation in the game.

Barcelona insisted a lot on the right-wing, but little by little it began to come into play. Barça cannot afford to do without a footballer like him, especially when he’s fine.

He entered through Dest in the last quarter of an hour.

Good minutes for a player who can settle into the first team. Of course, having a technician like Koeman is perfect for that. Few bet as much on young people as he does in our League.

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With the intention of going on the attack, but imprecise.

The result of his loss came the counter that gave Athletic the first goal of the night. The American has already been to several games without being fine. Today has had consequences. He was able to redeem himself by scoring a goal but missed a very clear chance. Nor did he sign a good game defensively. He suffered to cover the centers from his side.

This time he had to start the game on the bench.

In his line, very combative. That pressure in the rival field is going well for Barça to close the match and for Athletic to know that if they get lost, they can make a mess.

Slow on defensive aids.

Good with the ball, but it is an easy line to overcome for the red and white players, who are like bullets. The problem is that this is difficult to fix. At this point Busquets is not going to become a sprinter.

In his line of the season,

The Frenchman does not give the team reliability in defense. Inaki Williams made him a suit on goal. Not only because of his backbeat him but because he left him behind in speed and allowed himself to wait for him to cut him.

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