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Only One Province In The Whole Of Spain Has Vaccinated Foreign Health Personnel: “The Government Lies To Us”

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Only one province in the entire Spanish territory has its Foreign Health personnel vaccinated. This is Huelva, where two doctors and two nurses received the last dose of the Pfizer vaccine last Wednesday, February 10. They got it at the cost of demanding over and over again an injection that the Ministry of Health itself told them that it was their turn to be front-line personnel except those who work in vaccination centers or in small airports, who pass on to the next group, according to the community.

In total, the Foreign Health staff is made up of about 150 professionals who are still waiting for a response despite being, many of them, in direct contact with the Covid in ports and airports. The flight restrictions and mandatory quarantines and testing)of countries with new strains of the virus do not exempt them from danger. Although they are few, planes from South Africa or Brazil continue to arrive and, except for the personnel from Huelva, there is no one else from Foreign Health with the two doses, denounces Maria del Mar Faraco, Foreign Health doctor for 15 years and president of the Association of Foreign Health Physicians (AMSE), an association created in 2007 to request decent conditions in border control in ports and airports in Spain. While planes coming from South Africa or Brazil do not get on, unless there is a positive warning from the flight, the risk is latent.

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Ames contacted every one of the communities and provinces of the country to ask them to please vaccinate them before the silence of the Ministry of Health, which told this newspaper that the consultation on the non-vaccination of this group had to be done to the communities. The final responsibility indeed lies with the autonomies, but like the Quirón company, whose staff works with us, it has taken care of its doctors and nurses, the Ministry of Health is our head and must inform the communities by and About us. We are very few and in communities with small airports with hardly any flights they don’t remember that we exist the ministry must claim. But it does not. We have to act from Ames assures Faraco. For this reason, they sent an email to the Public Health councilors of all the communities or to the territorial delegates of all the provinces to ask that they be inoculated. And as soon as we do, they respond, but Health does not intercede for us.

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As reported by Faraco, the Quironprevention staff that supports Foreign Health on land (they do not get on boats or planes) have been vaccinated, but thanks to the efforts of the company itself. “There are professionals who work with Foreign Health who have been vaccinated thanks to the availability of vaccines within the group, sources from Quirónsalud confirm.

The efforts of the doctors themselves have improved the statistics somewhat. Vaccination has begun, although only with the first dose, in Valencia, Castellon, Alicante, Ceuta, Badajoz, La Rioja, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Almeria, and Algeciras. “If the doctors in Algeciras have not gone up to 40 ships with Covid positives, I pass the figure scraping. And they have been vaccinated with a single dose just three days ago Faraco highlights.

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The ghost lot but there is something that outrages the doctors more is that, as this newspaper published, they sent an email to Health that was answered on January 25 in which they assured them that a sufficient number of vaccines has been reserved in the strategic provision of vaccines from the Ministry of Health for the personnel of the General State Administration and that there is a list of 1,700 people approximately.

These doses also include the staff of Chironprevention and those of Interserve, who are also not vaccinated, according to Ames, and are in charge of receiving travelers in primary control. When ABC asked about this batch, Health referred to the Army vaccines without going into more detail. ” The vaccines that they said there were for us do not exist, ” says Faraco, “The Government is lying to us, Health is lying to us, those vaccines to the AGE do not exist, and reality shows it, They told us to shut up our mouths.

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