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Overlord Season 4: What We Know So Far – Release Date Confirmed?

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Anime, a Japanese type of animation, or more accurately the Japanese word anime, means any kind of animation in Japanese. Anime, like other TV and movie shows, is growing in popularity. Many Japanese, as well as fans of other cultures, love and adore animated movies and studio ghibli films. Overlord, an anime tv-show that is based on a fantasy novel, is one example. Overlord follows the adventures of a man trapped in a videogame.

Overlord, the popular anime series that has been a favorite for more than two years is finally returning with season 4. Also, a new original movie will be released! As manga stories and depictions are often adapted, anime fans get used to taking long breaks between seasons. They start to worry about whether the show will return, as there is no way to predict the cast or crew.

It’s been two years already since season 3 concluded on the hit dark fantasy anime Overlord. Now, we’re curious to find out more. Keep reading to learn all about the show.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

It’s been almost two years since the fourth season, which was the most anticipated animated film. The pandemic halted everything and the announcement of the fourth series was made on 8 May 2021. Officials suggest that season 4 could be 2021 because this series has already taken a two-year break.

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Overlord Season 4

What to expect from season4?

Ainz decides to lead his Sorcerer Kingdom Kingdom by the end of season 3 of “Overlord”. As Ainz, the ruler and sufferer of his kingdom become more of the main focus of the plot in the “Overlord”, light book series. Ainz’s journey into dream legislative topics, Volume 10 in the light novel series, which should be the essential material to the start of Season 4, also contains the leaders and restrictions countries with which he should now either combat or reconcile.

As the Kingdom’s new ruler The Overlord will have the task of dealing with the Kingdom’s diminishing resources. However, as the Kingdom continues to be affected by external factors, Ainz will be forced to deal with a crisis closer to home: Albedo.

Even though her role is the Guardians of Nazerick demonic head, her story has a different ending. Ainz still loves her and continues to be competitive for her affection, even in the initial season. It makes it harder for him for her to leave. So, it remains to be seen how Overlord will affect this new universe.


Ainz Ooal Gave, Demiurge. Albedo. Aura Bella Fiora. Shaltear blood. Cocytus. Mare Bello Fiore. Gargantuan.

The anime portrays a dystopian scenario. A character is trapped in an anime that depicts a tournament with phasing out. The first season ended abruptly, leaving us with unanswered questions and plenty of ground for the next season. As a result, fans eagerly await season four.

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