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Paco Lopez: “I Am Not Going To Allow Levante’s Triumph Over Real Madrid To Be Eclipsed By The Penalty”

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The Levante coach, Paco Lopez, stopped by A Diario on Monday to share his analysis after winning Real Madrid this weekend. Season: It has cost a lot, it is costing and it will cost a lot because everything is very even.

We have a bad time when you see yourself in the relegation zone. We were clear that because of the profile of our team it is to fight for that goal. The feelings of The team weren’t bad. Of the last 19 games, we’ve only lost two and it says a lot about the work of this team.

Penalty: I am very clear about it, but I am not going to think about this anymore because if it does not seem that we overshadow what my players have done. I will not allow it. I will not allow a victory like this to be eclipsed by this type of actions, there are thousands of this type when we have played against these teams that have also passed against and there is not much commotion. The result was fair.

Hands and penalties: It comes mainly from the issue of the hands. We have to keep giving it a turn to have it clearer. It is very difficult when yes, when not, the issue of interpretations  I have always been pro VAR because it is fairer. The controversy is difficult to end, you have to keep thinking about it to be juster.

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Renovacion Morales: I think they are condemned to understand each other, it will be the best for both of them. Morales deserves it and the club also deserves it. He has to finish well. The most important thing is that Morales is focused on his own, he is a great professional.

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Atletico: It is very difficult for LaLiga to escape him, especially because of the feeling it gives, of incredible superiority. These defensive years were very good, with a lot of talent. But this year they are a more ambitious team with the ball.

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