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Pella Explodes Against The Australian Open And Nadal: “There Are Balconies Bigger Than My Room And I Can’t Even Open The Window”

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Tennis player number 44 in the ATP ranking, Guido Pella, has been very critical of the Australian Open organization due to the inequalities in the treatment of tennis players, especially those who are in quarantine due to possible infections or nearby positives on their flights’ arrival. The Argentine has not left a puppet ahead either, criticizing the passivity of the greatest in the world on this issue.

In the first instance, in a talk Show, Pella wanted to emphasize that the complaints of the tennis players are not due to the quarantine or the restrictions imposed by Australia, but because of the gray issues against the players. They ask us to clean the room, but we have nothing where we can throw the dirty things or material to clean everything, he explains the conditions of their isolation.

The Argentine wanted to put into perspective how this quarantine and inactivity affect his subsequent performance in the tournament and admits that, on many occasions, it will not be worth it. My only objective when I leave the room is going to be not to injure myself, I give up the competitive aspect. It is impossible that I can play at a good level after something like that. I will jump on the court to try to do well and collect the money that it’s up to me, he confessed.

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In the end, this is our job, I come here for money and I am going to think a lot about going to other tournaments because imagine that I test positive and I end up losing a Grand Slam. Also, with the cuts that have occurred in many events is that it is not economically worth going, Pella continues.

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The Argentine did not want to stop denouncing the enormous inequalities that exist in the tournament towards the players who occupy the high positions of the ATP ranking. It’s hard that we’re here without being able to open windows, requesting to have five minutes of fresh air, and then you see Djokovic step out onto a balcony bigger than my room. The management of the Adelaide bubble has been a hoax, I’m not surprised. Nothing bothers me anymore, Pella complains.

We already assume that in tennis there is a favorable treatment for the best. They are those who sell tickets, those who mobilize everything, they are the ones who generate business, he adds. However, his real annoyance comes from the words of Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley referring to these inequalities, acknowledging their existence and whitewashing them. In a context of a pandemic in which everyone is being asked for empathy and solidarity, it seems to me that they are laughing at us in the face, he protests.

The 30-year-old tennis player does not bite his tongue when it comes to pointing out these inequalities, setting his sights on the silence of the greatest tennis players. It would give me a bit of a thing, it would give me a bit of shame, but if they can sleep peacefully then that’s it. I didn’t like that neither Nadal nor Thiem has said absolutely nothing, criticizes the Argentine.

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Instead, he wanted to thank Djokovic for getting involved. Novak has shown on many occasions to have intentions and to get involved for the common good. He has fought against the Adelaide bubble since he learned that they put him there, I do not know with whom or how, but I know that he has done it, he concluded.

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