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Police Who Used Pepper Spray To Reduce A Nine-year-old Girl In The United States Suspended

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Police officers who handcuffed a nine-year-old girl and sprayed her with aerosol in Rochester, New York, were suspended Monday amid a wave of shock at the methods employed by US security forces. After meeting with the local captain on Monday, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced that the officers involved are going to be suspended pending an indoor investigation into the episode.

What happened on Friday was just horrible and it’s rightly outraged our entire community,” Warren said. Unfortunately, state law and union contracts prevent me from taking more immediate and high action.Rochester police had justified their actions by claiming that the girl, whose identity has not been disclosed, was suffering a mental breakdown and was threatening to kill her mother and kill .As a person’s being, this incident is disturbing and as a parent, it breaks my heart, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a statement.

The NYPD shouldn’t treat anyone like this, least of all a nine-year-old girl.” Cuomo said the connection between the police and therefore the communities they serve “is not working” and reforms and an investigation into what happened are needed.The nine officers who visited the scene last Friday reacted by handcuffing the girl. once they did not get her into a cruiser , they used aerosol , consistent with videos from the cameras that the policemen wore in their uniforms, published on Sunday by the forces of order. The police say they acted during this thanks to guarantee the security of the girl, who was taken to the hospital and later handed over to her parents.

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The mayor of Rochester promptly condemned the utilization of force against children and promised an indoor investigation into the practices of city cops . I even have a 10-year-old boy. it is a boy, it is a baby. As a mother, this video isn’t something you would like to ascertain , she said at a press conference on Sunday. it’s the second time during a year that Rochester cops are charged with acts of violence against citizens. In March a Black man , Daniel Prude, died after being arrested therein city. Police had put a cloth hood over his head after he spat at officers and claimed he had the coronavirus. The death of Prude, who was also affected by a mental breakdown at the time of her arrest, sparked an investigation and mass demonstrations.

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