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President Sergio Mattarella Summons Mario Draghi To Entrust Him With An Emergency Government In Italy

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The head of the Italian State, Sergio Mattarella, proposed on Tuesday the formation of an emergency government. I call on all political forces in the country to give life to a government that does not identify with any party and that is “high profile” to face the present emergency, he said, referring to a triple crisis “health, social and economic”.
And for this, he has summoned the former president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, tomorrow, Wednesday, to entrust him with the formation of an Executive of national unity, given the situation in the country due to the pandemic and after the failure of political negotiations to reissue the previous Executive led by Giuseppe Conte, reports the news agency

In his speech, the President of the Republic said that the other possible option at this time was to hold elections, but he justified his decision not to call them because it would entail the lack of a government in full capacity for crucial months in the fight against the pandemic. The president’s announcement came shortly after the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, informed him of the derailment of the round of dialogue. The disagreements between the parties of the government coalition have wrecked, this Tuesday, the negotiations that aimed to form a new alliance. Fico hastened the deadline until the end but, after four days of consultations, he has announced that his mediation has not been successful in solving the crisis caused by the departure of the government of Matteo Renzi, leader of the Italia Viva party.

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“I have not registered the unanimous availability to give life to a majority,” said Fico upon leaving the meeting with Mattarella to which he communicated the impossibility of reaching a consensus among the political groups of the old government coalition, reports Efe.
Time was running out this Tuesday for the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, who last week was commissioned by Sergio Mattarella to mediate in the crisis of the Italian Government. The head of state announced last Friday that there could be a majority that follows the current one, but to “verify” it, he entrusted the exploratory mandate to Fico. Finally, the exploration has not come to fruition and the scenario of calling elections was one of the possibilities that were being considered before Mattarella announced the option of creating an emergency government.

Fico has tried everything in his power. And this Tuesday has been a busy day for the president of the Chamber. At 9:05, he met with the leaders of the Democratic Party (PD, center-left), Free and Equal (LeU, left), 5-Star Movement (M5S), the new party of the ‘Europeists’ and the Movement for Autonomies. The faces of the protagonists showed fatigue before a negotiation that reached its end without seeing a way out. The topic of discussion has been justice. It is no coincidence that Matteo Renzi not only asks for the prescription reform but also a new minister, as long as Alfonso Bonafede, a member of the M5S and questioned about his management, is changed. The discussion table on Tuesday was expanded to include party experts on the subject.

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As negotiations continued, issues related to culture, school, and research were reviewed. Outside the Sala Della Lupa, where the talks were taking place, there was a lot of hustle towards the offices of the political groups in connection with the negotiations on the new government organization chart.The political head of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Vito Crimi, lamented that even though the former partners have made a great effort to try to create a government that manages the pandemic” and the “urgent matters of the country”, Italy Viva has continuously obstructed conversations. It is clear that the objective was to obtain more ministries and decide on the ministries of the other parties. The one who has put obstacles has been Matteo Renzi, he has settled. Also the senator of the Free and Equal government party (LeU) Loredana De Petris blamed Renzi for the rupture, We have made a great effort in these days to reach an agreement and we thought that the conditions would exist to move forward, but Italia Viva’s position has not moved.

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