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Pubg Mobile Teams 2020: Crores Earned By Playing PUBG, These Are The Top 5 PUBG Gamers Of 2020

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PUBG Mobile Teams 2020: One of the most popular games in the world is PUBG Mobile. This year the game earned the highest in the world. Along with this, this year has also been great for its gamers. He has also earned crores by playing this game (Top 5 highest-earning PUBG mobile players of 2020).

However, this game has been banned in India for some time. Crores of its players in India are also disappointed due to this. These days, there is talk of PUBG Mobile being re-launched in India. Whatever … Today we are talking about another fact related to this game. This game has earned a lot of money and its players have also got a chance to make a lot of money. Players from all over the world got a chance to show their talent through PUBG Mobile. Today we tell you about five gamers who have earned millions by playing this game.

Paraboy (Nova Esports)

Paraboy is known worldwide as the best PUBG mobile player. In the year 2020, it was the highest-earning pubi player. Paraboy has earned 290 thousand dollars this year, which is about 2.13 crores.

Coolboy (Nova Esports)

Coolboy is a famous Chinese player. They are also the top in terms of earnings. Coolboy was part of XQF till 2019. After this, he was associated with Nova Esports. The year 2020 was also great for Coolboy. This year Coolboy won the Peacekeeper Elite League: Season 2 (PEL: S2) and Peacekeeper Elite Championships with his team. In the year 2020, this Chinese player earned 210 thousand dollars, i.e. about 1.54 crore rupees.

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king (Nova Esports)

Raja, who was a part of Nova Esports this year, has performed brilliantly. The Taiwanese player waved at the PEL 2020 Championship. PEC 2020 was the first tournament win for King after joining PUBG Mobile esports. King earned about 198 thousand dollars, ie about 1.45 crore rupees in the year 2020 from the PUBG tournament.

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Jimmy (Nova Esports)

Jimmy of Nova Esports is at number three on this list. This player has performed well in the year 2020. Jimmy of Taiwan has also earned about 210 thousand dollars, about 1.54 crores rupees this year.

Order (Nova Esports)

This player from Nova Esports has done very well in 2020. Order stood second in the PEC 2020 Championship. He also performed well in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. This Chinese player has earned 213 thousand dollars, about 1.56 crore rupees in the year 2020.

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