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Ramos And Lucas Vazquez’s Renovations Come To A Halt: This Is What There Is

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With January nearing the end and with Luka Modric renewed, the continuity of Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vazquez remains unresolved. Without reaching a point of no return yet, the renewals of the captain and the man for everything of Zinedine Zidane are not walking on the right path.

Each one defends his position. The economic situation caused by Covid 19 does not help the least either. The leaders of Real Madrid are still immersed in their battle to balance the numbers, adjust the balance and prevent the club’s accounts from showing any type of deficit at the end of this season. What is happening in Barcelona and its millionaire losses.

Is something that from the Madrid entity they are clear that it will not happen. Florentino Perez assumed it for a long time, avoiding the red numbers by putting his head to the heart in some decisions, a circumstance that they are taking to the letter with the renewals of the players who end their contract on June 30.

The proposals launched from the club to both Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez have been rejected by the players and from that moment on there has been no movement in any sense and everything is awaiting events. There is no optimism, but so far no one has broken the deck or announced his resignation. Players are entitled to listen to offers and wait for the arrival of a better proposal than the one presented by Real Madrid.

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A year and a half ago, a group of the so-called greats of Europe reached a non-aggression pact regarding the signings of players from these teams. Bayern, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​PSG, Juventus, and some others joined an initiative that aims to prevent the market from skyrocketing and, above all, that they neither compete nor hit each other from behind.

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Communication between these clubs is fluid. They are rivals, but they maintain a common strategy. And more in times of crisis, although the initiative predates the crisis. Last summer the pact with Leo Mess I was respected and at the moment in which Barcelona refused to negotiate, City and PSG gave up any approach to the player.

Something similar has happened with Alaba and all the movements around the Austrian began at the moment in which Bayern announced that it was ending the negotiation for the renewal of his contract, at which time several teams, including Real Madrid, began to woo the defender. In recent weeks, several teams have called the white leaders to let them know that for the moment there has been no rapprochement with the players, at least officially.

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