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Real Madrid Rivals Need Fewer Shots To Score

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last season, Real Madrid cemented its great success of the course, the conquest of the League, on a defensive strength that had not been seen by the Bernabeu later by Di Stefano for decades. We had to go back to the 1987-88 campaign, in the full splendor of the Quinta del Buitre, to find comparable defensive records in the white club.

Zidane’s team, in his first full season at the head of the squad after his return to the white bench, conceded 25 goals in the Spanish championship, by 46 from 18-19 or 44 from the previous one, the last of the glorious triennium of ZZ.

In addition to crowning Thibaut Courtois with the third Zamora of his career, allowed Madrid to compensate for numbers that fell drastically in attack after Cristiano left. In this League, Madrid has conceded 16 goals in 19 games, which makes an average of almost one per match and raises the final projection to close to 40. But, beyond this data, there is another that worries the French coach more.

The rivals are doing much more damage to Madrid with their shots on goal than in the previous year. They score a goal every 2.9 shots one less than they needed to beat Courtois in the last league (3.93). And far from the best defensive record of the Zidane era, shared the credit with Rafa Benitez, who was set at 15-16: 4.41 shots on goal per conceded goal. In this campaign, with more than half a season ahead, Madrid has received 247 shots in all competitions, for the 486 it allowed in 19-20.

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Of them, 89 have gone between the three suits and have accounted for 29 goals against Madrid. That means an average of 8.5 shots per goal, compared to 13.6 in Zidane’s first year at the white club and almost 12 in the previous season. Madrid’s defensive problem could well be explained by the casualties of those considered untouchable for the Marseille coach.

Dani Carvajal, indisputable in the right-back square, has missed 15 of the 26 games played by the Whites in all competitions to date. And Sergio Ramos, another untouchable for ZZ, has been absent in 11 games. Injuries have punished two starters for the coach, and the performance of the defense has suffered.

In theory, both should return to Levante to try to increase the offensive performance of the team, something essential for the conquest of the objectives still within reach of the whites-only already in the League and Champions League¬† given the fall in Madrid’s offensive production the last three years: from the almost three goals per duel of the Cristiano era to just 1.7 this season

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