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Ribera: “Coming To The National Team Is Therapy For The Players”

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This same Wednesday morning, Spain travels to Croatia by private flight to play in the afternoon in Porec against the Croats in a kind of revenge for the 2020 European final. On Saturday on the fourth day of the Euro Cup 2022 the return of a visit to Madrid on the fourth day of a competition in which the finalists of the Euro 2020 and the organizers of the next take part. Jordi Ribera the coach takes 17 players and has another 15 active in a friendly tournament in Moscow.

It gives the impression that the pandemic has revolutionized their entire work system.
Many things have changed. For example we have had three groups working during Christmas when we always used to train together but this year it coincided with the Final Four.
He had eight players there. Are you affected by defeat?
It has happened to us on other occasions that the players suffer a setback but they reach the National Team and change the chip very soon. Being on the national team is good therapy for everyone who is finding new goals urgently.

 Two games in a row but official. Do you like the formula?

It is what there is and there is no going back. Maybe I would have preferred a couple of friendly matches or the traditional Spanish Tournament, but we are going to compete with Croatia, a great team because we always go out to win, but also knowing that being an important double commitment logically we have another The most important championship in perspective which is the World Cup from day 13 in Egypt.

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The absence of Julen Aginagalde who has been the starting pivot of Spain for a decade is striking.
Julen has had physical back problems and we have spoken and agreed that this time he will stay out.

From the list of 35 that he gave to the International, there are also other absences.

Some are injured, but David Balaguer was in the Qatar Tournament and did very well. He has not gone to Moscow because I preferred other younger ones to go, but he is a player who is prepared for any contingency,

Are these players who are going to play against Croatia on the final list for the World Cup or will there be changes?
Normally we have gone with 17 players, but in this World Cup, they allow 20. I am waiting if the Federation allows me to have 19, with which two more players would enter, one of them a goalkeeper.

Does planning in the group generate many problems for COVID?
In fact more than seventy percent of the National Team has been infected at some point, although many players have passed it in a discreet way. With that and with the tests that players go through frequently, I cross my fingers but I trust that I will not have problems facing the World Cup.

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