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Roman Reign’s Reaction Came After He Beaten And Beat Up 2 Superstars, Including His Brother.

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  • Roman Reigns caused a ruckus in SmackDown this week. Know what you said after this?
  • Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens match at TLC PPV. This is going to be a great match.

Roman Reigns had a dangerous look in SmackDown this week. In the main event, Roman Reigns badly hits Kevin Owens and Jay Uso with a chair. He could not bear the defeat in the main event this time. After this dangerous action, he gave the first reaction on Twitter.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has clearly stated that he has done what was necessary. Also, Roman Reigns has also talked about his family here and said that he who goes outside the line will definitely bring it back. Roman Reigns has given this strong message.

In fact, the show started this week with Roman Reigns, Jay Uso, and Paul Heyman. Some questions asked by Kayla make Roman Reigns very angry. After this, he was also challenged by Kevin Owens. The Roman Rens also accepted it. Even backstage, Roman Reigns was very angry.

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The tag team match was fought again in the main event. Otis and Kevin Owens face off against Roman Reigns and Jay Uso. It was very good in the beginning but Otis was attacked badly by Roman Reigns with a steel step. After this Otis was not able to fight. Then Kevin Owens was fighting alone. At the end of the match, Roman Reigns was enraged by Jay Uso’s action. Due to which disqualification, Kevin Owens won. The Roman Reigns flared up more. After this Jay Uso brought two chairs. Roman Reigns and Jay Uso attack Kevin Owens badly from the chair. But in the end, Roman Reigns also badly beaten Jay Uso with a chair.

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It is understandable that Kevin Owens was attacked by Roman Reigns. But he attacked Jay Uso but no one understood it. Well the match of Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns for TLC has now been decided. Fans will get to see a fierce fight between the two.

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