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Rosalia And Billie Eilish Present ‘you Are Going To Forget’, A Song For ‘Euphoria’

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  • Rosalia And Billie Eilish Present ”you Are Going To Forget”, A Song For ‘Euphoria’

Rosalia and Billie Eilish present the song ‘You are going to forget it a song they have composed for Euphoria the HBO series that has become a television phenomenon.

It was an open secret that Rosalía and Billie Eilish, two of the most popular artists, as well as friends we’re collaborating on a project. Now the American composer has spoken about her first joint composition through her social networks. You have been waiting for this.

Also in April 2020, the Catalan artist announced on radio Beats 1 that they were finalizing the details of a song. It seems to me that it is already close. I think I finished the arrangements yesterday. I feel that the production.

The sound design is almost finished, so I just need Billie to send me their vocals and for them (Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas) to send me the ideas they want to add because we’re already there.

The perfect sound for Euphoria

You’re going to forget it’ is a song that can be heard in the second special episode of Euphoria a chapter that will air on January 24 through HBO with a preview on January 22 on HBO Max.

As the platform has indicated in a statement this episode follows in the footsteps of Jules Hunter Schafer during the Christmas holidays while he reviews everything that last year has meant.

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The idea is that this chapter is the perfect complement to another special episode that premiered in December with Zendaya as the protagonist and in which the character of Rue reviewed her life after separating from Jules.

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