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Royal Rumble: Place Your Bets

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Royal Rumble week reader friends. Road to Wrestlemania kick-off week. Week of bets, cabal, doubts, and speculation. And in the middle of it all, as main protagonists, two Royal Battles of 30 people who are going to beat the copper to be in a title match in the great event.

Because in this show, championships matter less than ever. The title victories do not cause the restlessness of other occasions. Here the chicha the intrigue is in who will be chosen to win. And honestly this year I have no idea who is going to take the cat into the water.


The first thing I want to comment on is that, actually, I am not clear who will win the men’s, Royal Rumble. In the female, I have hardly any doubts, but I will comment on it later. Now we are going with a phenomenon that WWE has wonderfully well learned and that, although the final result never ends up being liked by everyone, it repeats year after year: The idea that anyone can win.

During the last editions of the Royal Battle, multiple candidates to win the jackpot have entered the battle. At the end of TLC, both the big headliners the (few) members of the Supercard, and several favorites from the mid-table crowd have seen how they ran out of rivalries and could be eye-catching for bets. And even on several occasions, they have come out with a victory.

Some examples are Nakamura, who after losing twice to Jinder Mahal and being a testimonial in Survivor Series, won his first participation in the Rumble. Randy Orton, covered in 2017 in his history with the Wyatts and with Undertaker, Lesnar or Goldberg, took his second Royal Battle.

Or the best case is in last year, with a McIntyre who arrived after not doing anything relevant for months and is now the visible face of Raw after his victory.

And that’s just what happens this year. There are many options. Cesaro has hinted at it several times in promos and interviews. Daniel Bryan, a crowd favorite for several years, has returned to the rings wasting category. Big E is on the rise with a good Intercontinental reign. AJ Styles has long been without gold on his waist. Aleister Black has been in the dry dock for several months.

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However, there is another circumstance that makes these candidates lose a lot of steam in the bets: The legends and possible returns. Because let’s face it friends if something WWE likes is to give the victory in the Rumble to people who return after a long time or who, directly, have not gotten into the ring for a long time of their own free will.

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John Cena after his injury in 2008, Triple H’s two victories, or Batista’s infamous 2014 win are some examples.


Taking into account these two precepts, the lack of “things to do” and the return of some important figure, let’s analyze in-depth who that Last Man Standing may be:

BrockLesnar: The Minnesota man has not appeared on the main roster for almost a year and his last fight was a loss to Drew McIntyre. If something can be clear, it is that Vince McMahon wants the most important and those who guarantee the most sales in Wrestlemania, and Brock, we like him more or less is one of them.

There are more than half to meet and the 8-time World Champion can be a big surprise. After venturing to the middle of the roster last year, he is aiming to win his second Rumble and go to the Grand Event after signing what is likely to be his last lucrative deal. Winning percentage: 75%

Daniel Bryan: Last chance for the Yes man. The Rumble has been the great must in the track record of Daniel Bryan and between the thunderous boos of 2014 and 2015 and his starting defense of 2019 has missed many opportunities to take the last great achievement that is missing to complete a showcase within the reach of a few. Having recently signed a new contract, his victory cannot be ruled out. Winning percentage: 15%

Edge: Here’s that option from a legend who, as I mentioned before, makes his big return and takes his second Rumble. The Canadian has against him that his contracts consist of three fights a year, so it is difficult to see him in Wrestlemania with real options to win. But friends, if the other three pillars of RuthlessAgresion Era as John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton have two.  The Ultimate Opportunist cannot be less. Winning percentage: 5%

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And that’s it. Honestly, I don’t see any other options to win except for a major surprise, which I almost completely rule out. And I know I’ve left the remaining 5% unmentioned, but it’s because WWE can always surprise us for better or for worse.

There are many rumors and various bets among the Wrestling Community that have caught my attention. That if it is the great opportunity of Big E or Cesaro, that CM Punk is going to return, that it is the great moment of TheFind that if the signing of Jay White is a fact Personally, I discard all these ideas.

I consider CM Punk retired, I see White going to NXT instead of the Main Roster, The Fiend was killed by a 53-year-old man (so his victory would matter little to me and I also think they will use him to something cinematic) and giving such a huge victory to wrestlers who in more than 7 years have never had a miserable Tittle-shot or who they do not fully trust is not something WWE is used to doing.

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In fact, if a surprise awaits me, it is rather for the worse, in my view. Knowing last year’s plans, for me, there is an idea that has been considered very little, and that is that one of the contenders in the title matches loses his championship, and immediately afterward, the number 30 comes out (which will be announced this Saturday) and take the jackpot.

And when I say one of the contenders, unfortunately, I mean Roman Reigns or Bill Goldberg. Vince McMahon does not like that his plans do not go well and last year he had to cancel the Goldberg-Reigns at the last second, so it is not unreasonable that either of them wins and the other goes to the Royal Battle to win.

And it would seem an infamous idea to me, because of the null quality of the combat and that they are fighters that do not attract me at all, but something like that has never been done, Goldberg has never won it and it does not seem out of the question.

I also don’t want to be misunderstood. A victory for Cesaro, Ricochet, or Aleister Black would make me give real joyful boats. But that’s what I want. And it collides with what I think should happen, which is for Bryan to win. And both collide with what I think will happen, which will be Lesnar’s victory.

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I have already commented above that my doubts arise to a large extent with the male Royal Battle because in the female one the prediction is in a heads or tails. My clear bets are the return of Ronda Rousey after two years without going to say hello or a new elevation of Alexa Bliss to the starting area.

From the former UFC, I would be surprised if he made his return without an audience. These types of returns to the ring are saved for moments in which the explosion of jubilation of the respectable is enormous, so I would be very surprised if it happened at this time. But let’s not rule out anything. Winning percentage: 25%

Finally, my great candidate, Alexa Bliss. That the Ohio woman has been away from starting positions for several years with a lower logistic rhythm and dedicating herself more to her character in pairs with Nikki Cross is a fact. But now it’s the female version of TheFind, and that changes things.

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To begin with, Alexa has not won an individual championship for almost three years, and that means that she has many options going to Wrestlemania in search of gold since in the great event she has always lost the belts she held. And the new twist on his character, seen a few weeks ago, only increases his options, as he becomes more savage and invulnerable to attack. Winning percentage: 70%

As in the Men’s Royal Rumble, I want to leave 5% to the imagination and hope that some other female fighter takes a surprising victory. Bianca Belair, Bayley, or Rhea Ripley in her Main Roster debut are some options, but honestly, I don’t think the board trusts Bianca or a rookie while Bayley has spent more than a year with the championship and they will want to keep her away.

Finally, to clarify that my premonitory abilities have always been quite null, so I do not think I will be able to get the results right. In the likely event of a massive misfire, I’ll be happy to receive feedback highlighting my lack of aim. But in the meantime, let’s debate together and above all Place your bets!

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