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Sara Logan Would Be Willing To Fight Full Time Again

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Sarah Rowe, known in the world of wrestling as Sarah Logan, was part of the wave of layoffs in WWE during the month of April 2021. It was rumored that her departure was temporary and that she could return to action sooner than expected but it was finally learned that this possibility was related to his contract, which forced him to work in the following months in case the company needed his services.

During the month of July, she revealed that she was pregnant and is currently close to giving birth. Recently she was interviewed by Vickie Guerrero for her Excuse Me podcast, where she revealed her intention to return to professional wrestling in the future, although she hinted that it is not very clear that it is in WWE due to the non-negotiable schedule that the company has for its employees.

 If I can find a way to have my son comfortably on the trip, I don’t see why I wouldn’t go back full time. Erik and I rent houses and drive to each city, and we have money but I have a farm. My Mom can take care of her to a degree on her own so part of me says, I’ll be back part-time. With WWE you really can’t choose how to get back. I’ll get back to wrestling in some way I’m sure. I’m qualified for it.

Sarah Logan, 27, joined the ranks of WWE in 2016. She worked for NXT for a year until she was promoted to the main roster. Despite forming one of the most beloved stables by the public The Riott Squad, along with Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott, failed to win any of the company’s titles.

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