SMG Has Qualified For MPL MY/SG S6 Directly To The Second Season Battle

SMG - Team
SMG - Team

SMG has been qualified directly for a second straight season in the topflight.

Ten teams have been locked after the intensive competitive weekend for Mobile Legends: Singapore Season 6 and Bang Bang Professional League for Malaysia.

SMG Has Qualified For MPL MY/SG S6 Directly To The Second Season Battle

From a total of six teams that were invited. Four from Malaysia and two from Singapore, only four teams have qualified in which there are two teams from Singapore and two from Malaysian teams.

SMG - Team
SMG – Team

Teams those have qualified for the league are mentioned below:

  1. SMG
  2. Bella Ciao
  3. Forsaken
  4. Divinity Esports

Fans are looking forward to JJ Lin’s MLBB team and Team SMG again for the second straight season. They had a battle with Ezzy Esports and defeated them with 2-0 in the series where the best-of-three winners will qualify for the league.

Qualified teams for the league:

A new face has come up in the league since Rookie team Bella Ciao which is from Malaysia defeated ICON Esports with 2-0 to qualify and fix their spot in the league.

If we look at the Singapore side, Divinity Esports defeated 125+1 in two consecutive games while Forsaken took down the OS Gentlemen by 21 in the final qualifier for the league.

Full list for ten teams in MPL MY/SG Season 6:

  1. EVOS SG (S4 Champion, SG)
  2. Resurgence (S5 Champion, SG)
  3. Geek Fam (S3 Champion, S5 runner-up, MY)
  4. Todak (S4 runner-up, M1 third place, MY)
  5. Team Bosskurr (MY)
  6. Orange Louvre Esports (S5 third place, MY)
  7. Bella Ciao (MY qualifiers)
  8. Forsaken (SG qualifiers)
  9. Team SMG (MY qualifiers)
  10. Divinity Esports (SG qualifiers)

MPL to kick off from August 28:

MPL MY/SG S6 is going to start officially from August 28 and will be played over the weekend starting from Friday 28.

This will be played for 6 weeks before leading into playoffs which will be held on 23rd October this year.

A prize pool of USD 100,000 will be awarded to the winner of MPL MY/SG S6 which can be win among the four qualifiers this season.

In addition, the top teams will be invited for MLBB’s second World Championship (M2) which is for now postponed due to this coronavirus pandemic.

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