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SpaceX Tests A Rocket Powered By Biofuel That Seeks To Be The “Uber Of Space”

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A small rocket, the primary commercial propellant powered by biofuel, has just administered its first test from the town of Maine. The startup blueshift Aerospace launched its prototype on Sunday, called Stardust 1.0, despite the low temperatures and two takeoff miscarriages. Although the rocket barely reached a kilometer tall (it didn’t reach space), it marked a crucial milestone for a corporation that desires to become the “Uber of space”, sending out bespoke missions to place small satellites into orbit.

Stardust 1.0 may be a small rocket-powered by a ‘bio-derived’ solid fuel that acts as a workplace for future blueshift rockets capable of launching nanosatellites. it’s about 20 feet tall and may carry up to eight pounds of payload. “It went perfectly,” said blueshift CEO Sascha Deri after the launch. “It landed right where we expected and where it had been planning. It couldn’t are better.Stardust 1.0 managed to launch himself to 3rd, then fly quite 1,200 meters and eventually deploy a parachute to fall back to Earth. “We couldn’t be more delighted than what happened today,” Deri said.

Founded in 2014, blueshift Aerospace aims to launch small satellites into polar orbits from the coast of Maine, especially those over which it wants to possess more flexibility and control over their orbits, something that can’t always be achieved in larger missions. size (where this sort of satellites travel as a secondary load) which are sponsored by big names like SpaceX or Rocket Lab. We want to be the Uber of space, providing a specialized launch service for nanosatellites,” said Deri before the launching.

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Deri himself is that the one who invented biofuel: although he doesn’t reveal his ‘recipe’, he claims that the ingredients are often obtained from farms around the world. The team has spent quite six years refining the formula and designing a modular hybrid engine, which is additionally unique. “We want to point out that a biofuel can function well, if not better in some cases, than traditional fuels to power rockets and payloads into space,” he says. “It costs less per kilogram than traditional rocket propellant and is non-toxic. it’s also carbon-neutral, which is best for our planet and skilled.The idea is to make two other larger prototypes (Stardust 2.0 and its ‘older cousin’, the Starless Rogue), to be ready to carry larger loads. consistent with the CEO, Stardust 2.0 could also be ready for its first test later this year, although the corporate has yet to seek out an area off the coast of Maine to launch larger rockets.

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