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The Crown Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates Here

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Netflix launched The Crown season 4 back in November 2020. It was nearly a full year ago. The series was a big success. From royal scandals to family drama, the show lived up to its first three seasons and more, leaving fans more excited than ever for a fifth.

There is still plenty of information out there about the next season, even though royal fans are still anxiously waiting for them. The Crown 5 Season 5 Information Guide contains everything you need to know, including the new cast members and special, peeks at what’s behind that royal curtain.

Warning! Minor spoilers are ahead for The Crown seasons 4 and 5. You don’t need to read this if you don’t want what happens next.

When is season 5 filming?

This is the moment. Season 4 was finished filming shortly before the U.K. began its COVID lockdown. It was finally released in fall 2020.

Filming season 5 officially started in London in July 2021. This will continue for the rest of the year. The production schedule was not delayed because of the pandemic, but due to a normal filming break.

The Crown Season 5 – When Will The Fifth Season Premiere?

The Crown season fifth is yet to be released. However, series four was just released in the second half of 2020. Therefore, viewers may have to wait.

Deadline says that filming started in June. Production is set to begin in 2022.

The Crown Season 5

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What will the plot of season 5 be?

Seasons 5-6 will likely take place in the 1990s. The series will run through the 2000s. While it’s not possible to know exactly what will happen, some significant historical events could be present.

There will be a greater role for Princess Diana. The series may also include Princess Margaret’s, Queen Mother’s, and her deaths in 1997. You will find more plot points confirmed as filming starts.

The Crown Season 5 Cast – Who Will Star In Series Five Of The Crown?

Olivia Colman’s reign is over as Queen Elizabeth. This was similar to Clarie Foys. The Crown’s third and fourth seasons’ cast members will be replaced with a new cast who would depict the Royal Family’s aging members.

A list of new cast members will be featured in the series’ upcoming fifth season.

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth 2 – This is the role she will play after replacing Olivia Colman in Queen Elizabeth. Imelda Stanton is well-known for her role as Dolores Umbridge the evil in Harry Potter.

Jonathan Pyrce playing Prince Philip, Duke d’Edinburgh – He assumed the role of Tobias Menzies in his position as Duke of Edinburgh. Pyrce is best remembered for his portrayal in Tomorrow Never Dies of Elliot Carver as Bond villain.

Lesley Manville will now play Princess Margaret from Helena Bonham. Manville is well-known for playing the role of Flittle in Maleficent, a live-action film.

Dominic West as Prince Charles – He will be replacing Josh O’Connor. It’s not surprising that West was selected. We can’t wait to see the performance of Prince Charles. West is most famous for his role-playing Detective James McNulty from The Wire.

Netflix has released a photograph of Dominic West portraying Prince Charles.

Johnny Lee Miller is also expected to play the role of Prime Minister John Major. Claudia Harrison is thought to be the actress who will play Princess Anne. Netflix has yet to confirm the rumour.

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